20 Erotic Thrillers From the ’90s (Which is a Genre That Existed Once)

It was a particularly thirsty decade, movie-wise.
20 Erotic Thrillers From the ’90s (Which is a Genre That Existed Once)

In this Pictofact, we go through a cursed genre from the ’90s: the erotic thriller. Now, we know the genre is not truly forgotten today. From Basic Instinct to Cruel Intentions, there are a bunch of ’90s movies belonging to this genre that are still remembered, so that title was a bit clickbaity, but, like, sexily. With steamy shower scenes and third-act back-stabbings. Our point is rather the following: yes, today any streaming service is full of erotic thrillers, but they’re all lame. Just straight-to-video cheese with no artistic merit whatsoever, offering low quality non-entertainment hoping viewers don’t realize the Internet has more boobies to offer.

Back in the day, however, every major movie star and even solid director would try to get in the erotic thriller game. We’re focusing on this trend, the best movies of the genre, but also some duds that are still a grade above today’s trash. This means we will not be discussing the straight-to-video cheese from the ’90s, so all of you classic Cinemax fans will just have to wait for “20 Voluptuous Facts About Shannon Tweed And Her Contributions to the Art of Movie-Making.” So be on the lookout for well-known names, get ready to be like, “Hey, yeah, I hadn’t thought about that movie in years,” and also, maybe play Cruel Intentions’ soundtrack while reading this, it’s pretty awesome.

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