14 Celebrity Lookalikes Who Could Pull A 'Parent Trap' On Us

Thank goodness for IMDb or we'd never know the difference.
14 Celebrity Lookalikes Who Could Pull A 'Parent Trap' On Us

Being a famous person means that people can recognize your face … unless you have another celebrity as a doppelgänger then it’s a lot of “Wait, I didn’t know Katy Perry acted? Oh, that’s Zooey Deschanel. I always get those two confused. Let me check IMDb.” There is a folk saying that everyone has a lookalike somewhere, and it makes sense that casting agents would find two people with a similar “in style” look. After all, if someone is attractive enough to be a 

celebrity, their lookalike probably is too. (Or at least smart enough to take a photo of a star  they have a slight resemblance to into a really good plastic surgeon’s office.)  Heck, even Spongebob and Patrick Star have lookalikes. There are even some wild conspiracy theories that some famous people are actually the same person. (Familiar with the Katy Perry-Jon Benet theory?) 

Do you agree with the following 14 pairs of lookalikes? Can you tell them apart? Or do you think we just have face blindness?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Javier Bardem

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES JEFFREY JAVIER DEAN MORGAN BARDEM THE WALKING NO COUNTRY FOR DEAD OLD MEN G r O M Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an accomplished actor who seems to have a steady supply of work in popular shows, but we can only imagine that it's pretty hard to share a face with Academy Award winner Javier Bardem.

McKenna Grace & Kiernan Shipka

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES MCKENNA KIERNAN GRACE SHIPKA THE CHILLING GHOSTBUSTERS: ADVENTURES OF AFTERLIFE SABRINA E ency I GINA AM In an excellent casting move, McKenna Grace played the younger version of Kiernan Shipka's character in a Christmas episode of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES LEIGHTON MINKA MEESTER KELLY GOSSIP GIRL FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS LM D D' N In The Roommate, the two were probably cast for their resemblance: Meester stars as an obsessed roommate who slowly takes over Kelly's character's life.

Kate Mara & Emily Hampshire

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES Kate Mara & Emily Hampshire FANTASTIC FOUR SCHITT'S CREEK Kate Mara looks more like the actor that plays Stevie on Schitt's Creek than her actual famous sister, Rooney Mara.

Zachary Quinto & Eli Roth

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES ZACHARY ELI QUINTO ROTH HEROES INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS Eli Roth is probably better known as a director of horror films, but he's also had an acting career. If you thought Spock was good in Inglourious Basterds, we've got news for you.

Nina Dobrev & Emmanuelle Chriqui

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES Nina Dobrev & Emmanuelle Chriqui ENTOURAGE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES ERNATION ATIONAL. N DI of G O 20 N Despite Nina Dobrev looking just like both Victoria Justice and Emmanuelle Chriqui, we don't think Justice and Chriqui look alike and we can't explain why this is.

Nina Dobrev & Victoria Justice

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKESNina Dobrev & Victoria Justice THE VAMPIRE VICTORIOUS DIARIES TI REFRE SP S FOR It's hard to keep these two stars of teen television famous. You might know Victoria Justice as the main character in the Nickelodeon show that helped push Ariana Grande into fame, and you might know Nina Dobrev if you went through a Twilight-inspired vampire phase.

Joey Lauren Adams & Renee Zellweger

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES JOEY RENÉE LAUREN ZELLWEGER ADAMS JERRY MAGUIRE CHASING AMY We were today years old when we realized that Renée Zellweger wasn't in Chasing Amy. Sorry, Joey Lauren Adams, we've been (mentally) misattributing all your roles.

Brittany Snow & Jessy Schram

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES BRITTANY JESSY SNOW SCHRAM PITCH PERFECT HALLMARK MOVIES If you ever happen to flip through Hallmark Christmas movies and think you see Brittany Snow, think again.

Juno Temple & Candice Accola

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES Juno Temple & Candice Accola TED LASSO THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Candice Accola looks like the CW-ified version of the British actor. Upon first watch of Ted Lasso, I thought to myself, Good for Caroline! Who knew she had the range!

Kaitlyn Dever & Kay Panabaker

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES KAITLYN KAY DEVER PANABAKER PHIL OF THE BOOKSMART FUTURE This is a deep cut, but when I first watched Booksmart, I thought the round-faced redhead was for sure the Disney Channel child actor.

Rachel Bilson & Kaia Gerber

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES Rachel Bilson & Kaia Gerber THE О.С. MODEL Med Kaia Gerber is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, but we'd sooner buy that she's the daughter of Summer from the О.С.

Trai Byers & Devon Franklin

CRACKED.COM Trai Byers & Devon Franklin EMPIRE AUTHOR ON ОХ N Byers and Franklin (along with their famous wives) both participated in a panel discussion about faith and success, with Franklin joking on social media, ...you will see that @traibyers & I are really 2 different people lol!

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