20 Starchy Facts That Boiled Our Potatoes

20 Starchy Facts That Boiled Our Potatoes

I enjoy this list of interesting facts, and I hope that you enjoy it as well. This list is made up entirely of true, interesting, and sometimes even bizarre facts. Some of them are funny, some of them are weird, and a few are downright unbelievable. Some are good for a chuckle, and some are just plain mind-bending. The point of this list is to help you to entertain your own brain by entertaining yours with facts that are strange and bizarre and interesting. It is a way for you to explore the fascinating world of interesting facts by yourself. This is a list of facts about facts. Some of the facts will make you laugh. Some of them will make you think. Some of them will make you question the nature of reality. All of them will be interesting to enjoy. The following list has been compiled with a lot of love, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Lincoln grew a beard because a preteen told him to.

11-year-old Grace Bedell sent Lincoln a letter encouraging him to grow a beard. Bedell wrote, All the la- dies like whiskers and they would tease their husbands to vote for you... By the time of his inauguration, Lincoln had a full beard. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Times

Bumblebees stimulate plants to flower by biting them.

Bumblebee bites on plant leaves stimulate early flowering. Scientists compared bumble bee-bitten plants and unbitten plants. Bit- ten plants bloomed in 17 days and the unbitten took an average of 33 days to bloom. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Science Mag

A Bengal tigress has the most human kills.

The individual animal with the most human kills ever was a tiger called the Champawat Tiger. Champawat, from North- ern India, adjusted its hunting strategy to kill people after a tooth injury left it unable to hunt nor- mal prey and was shot af- ter an estimated 436 kills. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Chocolate milk is an English drink invented by an Irishman in Jamaica.

Chocolate milk was invented by an Irishman while visiting Jamaica in the 1680s. Locals mixed cocoa with water which Hans Sloane found nauseating. So in- stead he mixed it with milk to make it more pleasant, and brought the recipe to England, where it was sold as medicine. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Chinese speakers learn to count to 100 a year before English speakers.

The language you grow up speaking determines how quickly you will learn to count. FE PAC I ZS ЖЕН Chinese speaking children learn to count to 100 an entire year earlier than their English speaking counterparts. But can they see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

U Penn

William Eno brought up many traffic inventions, but couldn’t drive.

The inventor of the stop sign never learned how to drive. William Phelps Eno also gave us the ре- destrian crosswalk, the traffic circle, the one-way street, the taxi stand, and pedes- trian safety islands. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Eno Center

Canadians love Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Kraft Dinner is the most popular grocery item in Canada. Packaged in Quebec, Kraft Dinner has been called the de facto na- tional dish of Canada. Са- nadians purchase 1.7 mil- lion of the 7 million boxes sold globally each week. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Global News

Marilyn Monroe was just minding her business making airplanes when a photographer thought she could be a model.

Marilyn Monroe was discovered while working.on a Radioplane assembly line. In 1945, Army photogra- pher David Conover saw a young Monroe and thought she had potential to be a model. Не photographed her working on the OQ-3 model, which led to a screen test, her first break. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Times

ICP was once under a Disney-owned label.

Insane Clown Posse was once on a Disney-owned record label. On the scheduled day of release for their record The Great Milenko how- ever, Disney recalled all 100,000 shipped units upon discovering the graphic nature of the al- bum's lyrical content. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A man 20,000 years ago left footprints in the sand as he ran at the speed of an Olympic sprinter.

The footprints of a very fast, very ancient human were found in Australia. 20,000 year-old fossilized human footprints were dis- covered which indicate the man who made them was running at the speed of a modern Olympic sprinter, barefoot, in sand. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Drunken sailors and soldiers held a victory riot after the end of WWII.

San Francisco had a riot after the news of the end of World War II. The San Francisco victory riots of 1945 was a night of uncontrolled looting and rioting that involved thou- sands of drunken soldiers and sailors, leading to 11 dead and 1,000 injured. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

SF Gate

A serial killer disguised himself and worked for the police.

Serial killer Marcel Petiot joined the police force and was assigned his own case. After his crimes were dis- covered, Petiot grew a beard and joined the po- lice using the alias Captain Valeri. Не was searching for himself until someone recognized him, months later. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Crime Magazine

No, we really won’t use calculus after high school.

Blue-collar workers generally do more advanced math than their white-collar peers. LA lim fisth)-F15 6/01 fnx=5 miu h-o h Hum, fd Less than a quarter of U.S. workers report us- ing math any more complicated than ba- sic fractions and per- centages during the course of their jobs. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Atlantic

Jimi Hendrix did more in 4 years than most musicians do their entire lives.

Jimi Hendrix's entire mainstream career lasted just 4 years. Marshall Hendrix altered the course of popular mu- sic before his career ended abruptly with his death in 1970, at the age of 27. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


1964 NYC subway cars are retired in the Atlantic Ocean.

Retired NYC subway cars are shipped out to the Atlantic Ocean to make artificial reefs. A جمعية The NYC Subway still oper- ates several train cars con- structed in 1964 in regular service. This specific mod- el owes its longevity to its superior durability, crafts- manship and structural quality. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Times

Professional fishing is more dangerous than policing.

The leading cause of death for military personnel are accidents. The average worker's fatal- ity rate is 3.6, with policing being 11.1 and structural iron and steel working at 46.4. Fishing is the most dangerous occupation in America with 128.9 deaths per 100,000 people. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A child could regrow the bone in their fingertip.

A child could regrow a fingertip if it was chopped off. If a child loses their fingertip, it may sometimes grow back with the nail, bone and all, though with- out a fingerprint. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The average person in the Middle Ages didn’t have rotten teeth.

The average person in the Middle Ages had teeth that were in a very good condition. With a diet high in calcium via dairy, high in vegeta- bles and cereals, and low in foods that cause decay, they ate the way most modern dentists would recommend for good teeth. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


There’s no such thing as “right” or “left brain” dominance.

Left-brain vs. Right-brain dominance is a myth. 10110011001010110 001001001101001 10101010010000 ITOOOTOOTIOTOT 10110011001010 0010010011010 11010110010001 1010101001000 1011001100101 0010010011010 110101 1001000 1010101001000 10110011001016 Lateralization is unique in every individual and re- searchers cannot find any evidence that one side of the brain or other works by itself for functions of our personalities. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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