20 Awesome Final Action Scenes (Because It’s Time to Kick Some Butt)

Breathtaking spoilers inside.
20 Awesome Final Action Scenes (Because It’s Time to Kick Some Butt)

Our hero has been beaten down, they have hit rock bottom, and the third act is in full gear, so you know what’s coming. That’s right: a giant portal opens up, and then enters one of our favorite tropes of the action genre: the final fight scene. The final moment in which the turntables will table, and our hero will show their true power level and finally kick some ass. Well, that’s one variant of the trope, at least. A more basic version is just the massive final brawl, that sticking point the MCU still isn’t able to overcome.

In any case, this Pictofact takes a look at 20 awesome final action scenes. Most of them are from the action genre, although some horror movies might have slipped in. Some of the examples are classics, and of course our first instinct was to put Terminator 2, Endgame, Predator, and, well, all the gold standards from your Woos and Camerons out there. And we still kinda did, but other movies might be a tad more obscure, good recommendations for you action fans to really step up your game. Oh, by the way, it goes without saying, but this also means spoiler alert. Did we forget any awesome final action scenes? Rhetorical question, of course we did, that’s how the human mind works. On to the list!

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