17 Now-You-Know Movie Facts To Prepare For Autumn

Have some trivia to go with your pumpkin spice latte.
17 Now-You-Know Movie Facts To Prepare For Autumn

Autumn is on its way. Soon the summer heat will turn into this new fall heat, which isn’t as hot but is still hot. Then leaves will fall from the trees and everyone will inject pumpkin into every single consumable item a person can ingest into their bodies. Just hordes of pumpkin-infused people walking around and wearing scarves, even though it’s not really scarf weather but you want to be festive anyway.

One way to prepare for this changing of the season is arm yourselves with movie facts and trivia. We mean, you need something to say to the barista as you impulsively order your ninth pumpkin spice latte with your fifth pumpkin cake loaf, right? What better tip can you give to a barista than a new fact about some film they might have seen?

Please tip your baristas a minimum of 20% and also learn some movie facts, too, won’t you?


CRACKED.COM Titanic J. Dawson was really on the Titanic. While Jack Dawson is a fictional character, there was coincidentally a J. Dawson on board when the Titanic sank. Dawson's gravesite has since become a tourist trap for the movie's fans.


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

CRACKED.COM Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings The stars didn't know about the post-credits scene until the day it was shot. To keep things under wraps, Simu Liu and Awkwafina were kept in the dark until the last day of shooting.

Screen Rant


2 Seabiscuit Over 50 horses were used for the movie. In order to prevent running the horses to exhaustion, dozens were needed to get multiple takes. CRACKED.COM


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World Bill Hader did all the voiceovers. From the narration to the K.O.!, Hader was the omnipresent voice. CRACKED.COM



Moonstruck The original title was The Bride and the Wolf. Producer Norman Jewison loved the script but thought the title sounded like a horror film, so it was changed. CRACKED.COM



Godzilla Godzilla's original roar was created with tar and a bass. Composer Akira Ifukube coated a leather glove with pine-tar resin, then rubbed it against the strings of a double bass. Instant fright. CRACKED.COM


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