20 Facts About Iconic Indie Movies of the ’90s

20 Facts About Iconic Indie Movies of the ’90s

Hey, do you know the ’90s? Cool decade, uh? Totally not weird or dumb, right? Yeah, we bet some people are interested in it. You know, through the past-distorting lens of nostalgia. Through those filters that make us remember fondly when rock was awesome, while also making us forget about the nihilistic horrors of neoliberalism. Actually, though, it’s not that we forgot about said horrors — it’s just that they gave us Fight Club and Office Space, so what were we talking about anyway? Oh yes, movies!

Hey, do you like movies? In this Pictofact, we take a look at 20 facts from the most iconic indie movies of the ’90s, simply because we just love this topic. Now, we actually discuss some of the most iconic indie movies of the ’90s, so don’t be surprised if your favorite film of the non-genre is absent from this list. It probably is. Listen, we’re never going to do facts about Blank Check or Chairman of the Board, okay? Plus, the decade has so many iconic movies that we couldn’t possibly fit them all, and we have to leave you craving for more. That way, you know. Anyway, movies!

Stalking John Malkovich

INDIE MOVIES OF THE '90s BEING JOHN MALKOVICH JOHN MALKOVICH'S AGENTS APPARENTLY THOUGHT CHARLIE KAUFMAN WAS A STALKER. Kaufman got the distinct impression that the floor 7 1/2 in his script raised some red flags, as Malkovich was living in an unlikely apartment 7 1/2 in Manhattan. CRACKED.COM


Samuel L. Jackson in 'Jungle Fever'

INDIE MOVIES OF THE '90s JUNGLE FEVER SAMUEL L. JACKSON WON AN AWARD THAT TECHNICALLY DOESN'T EXIST. Jackson's performance in this movie was so legendary that he won Best Supporting Actor at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival, even though the festival does not really give that award. Only four people have ever received it. CRACKED.COM


Directing 'The Virgin Suicides'

INDIE MOVIES OF THE '90s THE VIRGIN SUICIDES THE NOVEL DROVE SOFIA COPPOLA TO BECOME A DIRECTOR. I really didn't know I wanted to be a director until I read The Virgin Suicides and saw so clearly how it had to be done, Coppola said-and indeed, the adaptation was one of her first movies. CRACKED.COM


The Coppola Family

INDIE MOVIES OF THE '90s THE VIRGIN SUICIDES IT WAS PRETTY MUCH A COPPOLA FAMILY AFFAIR. Not only was the movie directed by Sofia Coppola and produced by her dad Francis (who you might have heard about). Paul Baldino was played by Robert Schwartzman, Sofia's cousin, and the second unit director was her own brother, Roman Coppola. CRACKED.COM

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Rosario Dawson in 'Kids'

INDIE MOVIES OF THE '90s KIDS THE CREW RANDOMLY DISCOVERED ROSARIO DAWSON SITTING ON A STOOP. While scouting for locations, the director and the writer noticed 15-year-old Dawson and thought she'd be perfect for a role. She was kinda freaked out, but got over it and started a successful career. CRACKED.COM


Writing 'Before Sunrise'

INDIE MOVIES OF THE '90s BEFORE SUNRISE ETHAN HAWKE AND JULIE DELPY COULDN'T GET A SCREENWRITING CREDIT. The actors were heavily involved in the final version of the script, but guild rules only allowed the original writers to be credited. CRACKED.COM


'Welcome to the Dollhouse'

INDIE MOVIES OF THE '90s fuck FUCKU IGTIME SKIT FACE WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE NO ONE WANTED TO TOUCH THE MOVIE. I'd shown it to some sales people, and they didn't even finish watching it, director Todd Solondz said. The movie was rejected by several festivals, but then was invited into the Toronto Film Festival and won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. CRACKED.COM

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