TV shows have a certain lifespan. They reach their peak and then begin to decline. That is the cycle of life – until Netflix comes along to resurrect them, like when the ’90s tried to resurrect swing music. Indeed, reboots and revivals have been the name of the game for a while now, with every single show that had some success in the past being brought back to satisfy The Algorithm, or even worse, The Attention Span of Zoomers. That’s how you end with a CGI-ridden reboot of Fleabag.

Whatever, the point is that revivals and reboots are a genre in itself. We’ve discussed this topic a lot here at Cracked: the revival’s basically flawed concept, its greatest mistakes and casualties, its misguided and depressing future projects (really, leave Quantum Leap alone, cowards), and the projects they truly better not touch because we might as well burn the planet, but some things are sacred. Well, then, here we discuss a bunch of reboots and revivals, then and now. Also, Netflix suits, listen up: Ally McBeal reboot, only we can do it and you goddamn know it, call us.


TV Reboots and Revivals Then vs. Now WALL H ACES 1988-1997 Roseanne Roseanne was a beloved sitcom, for some reason. The revival started off strong, until Roseanne Barr engaged in actual, real-life racism-so the show killed her off and morphed into The Conners. 2018 CRACKED.COM


Murphy Brown

TV Reboots and Revivals Then vs. Now 1988-1998 Murphy Brown For a hot moment in the '90s, Murphy Brown was the political comedy. The show was highly critical of politics, but at its best, also self-critical. The 2018 revival never went beyond, can you believe Trump is dumb and orange? It didn't stand a chance. 2018 CRACKED.COM


Veronica Mars

TV Reboots and Revivals Then vs. Now 2004-2007 2019 Veronica Mars Veronica Mars was a fascinating and surprisingly non-condescending teen-noir. The 2014 movie was pure fan service, but 2019's fourth season was one of the best revivals ever, moving forward while also exploring Veronica's inability to move forward. CRACKED.COM

Vox, TV Guide

Full House

TV Reboots and Revivals Then vs. Now 1987-1995 Full House The original show was kind of bland, but generally beloved for its sweetness and earnestness. The revival continued the blandness, only now trying raunchy humor, and no, it didn't work. Well, at least Bob Saget was cool. Fuller House 2016-2020 CRACKED.COM


Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World

TV Reboots and Revivals Then vs. Now 1993-2000 Boy Meets World The original show was a beloved coming-of-age story. While not as impactful, the spin-off was well received for maintaining the style, updating the problems and lessons, and including including Cory Matthews as the wisdom-imparting teacher. Girl Meets World 2014-2017 CRACKED.COM


Arrested Development

TV Reboots and Revivals Then vs. Now 2003-2006 AUSTERO -BLUTH COMPANY 2013-2015 Arrested Development Arrested Development was ahead of its time, anticipating the internet's absurdist, post-post-post- ironic humor. The Netflix-produced Season 4 was also fun, even if not at the same level. Then Season 5 came along, and it became clear that the show was over. CRACKED.COM


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