35 Wild But True Crimes We Can't Believe Are Real

35 Wild But True Crimes We Can't Believe Are Real

When you imagine crime, it'd be nice if what came to mind was the events of the Oceans Eleven movies… You know, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and a whole swath of handsome actors in tailored suits performing an elaborate heist to get one over on some evil casino mogul or something like that. Unfortunately, the reality of real crimes is that they're often sadder, scarier, and much stranger. Below are some of the wildest, most unbelievable crimes we could put together.

A man who committed a murder, even though his ankle bracelet monitor placed him squarely in his own home? We've got that. A tank used in a prison break? You betcha. A husband who swore that he didn't kill his wife, and that a drunken moose was the actual perpetrator? You're not going to believe what investigators ended up finding on that one. 

So hey, crime may not be like Oceans Eleven, it's often way weirder.  

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