14 Real Crimes Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

We bet even Hollywood wouldn't want to touch some of these.
14 Real Crimes Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

It’s nice being able to just hang out on your couch (pants optional) and watch scary movies about creepy killers or psycho lovers, knowing that you’re safe and sound while the outside world goes mad. Because sometimes, it really does go mad out there. Like daily if you're paying attention to such things, which we don't recommend but understand if you do. There's a certain allure, to be sure - why else would the true crime podcasting business be spitting out a new podcast every hour on the hour? It's because they can, unfortunately. The world is a fountain of good - that's a fact - but it is also a fountain of something else - something sinister and disturbing. And that's what this is. A drop in that fountain. Sometimes, when you're really surveying that fountain, you hear stories like these, which make horror movie producers recoil in fear:

Adelaide, Australia - The Snowtown Murders - In 1999, acid barrels were found in a bank vault containing the remains of eight people. Three men were e
Source: ABC
Warrington, England - The couple who trafficked people and kept them as slaves - A couple in their thirties were caught luring two separate Luthuanian
Source: BBC
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