18 Now-You-Know Movie Facts (Because Mom Told Us To Write Them)

18 Now-You-Know Movie Facts (Because Mom Told Us To Write Them)

Look, we all know the score. We didn’t want to write yet another list of movie facts, but here we are. Doing it again. Another week of writing an intro and creating more entries into an ever growing list of random factoids about film. Why do we do it? Because Mom said so.

What can we say? We love our mom. And Mom wants us to write about movie facts. Not only write about movie facts, but make shareable images about them so she can send them to her friends. They’re more digestible that way, too. It’s how Mom likes them.

We can’t tell her “no.” We mean, she’s not going to be around forever. Plus, she helped pay our student loans for the last decade. That plus general “raised you from a baby” stuff means that we owe her big time. So here are some movie facts to make her proud.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are the movie's godparents. Wilson loved Nia Vardalos' one-woman show, and through her, her husband Tom Hanks produced Vardalos' script into a movie. CRACKED.COM

Source: ABC News

Save the Last Dance

Save the Last Dance Julia Stiles did most of the dancing herself. Stiles trained and did all of the hip-hop dances, along with most of the ballet. She did have a double do the en pointe ballet dancing, though. CRACKED.COM

Source: BuzzFeed

18 Now-You-Know Movie Facts (Because Mom Told Us To Write Them)

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde Elle was named after the fashion magazine. Author Amanda Brown would spend her time reading Elle while in law school. When she came up with the story, her main character's name was obvious. CRACKED.COM

Source: SFGATE

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story The movie was shot with old-school lenses. In order to give the movie a similar vibe to the original films from the 1970s and 1980s, director Gareth Edwards and cinematographer Greig Fraser used the lenses from the time for the movie. CRACKED.COM

Source: Metro

The Prestige

CRACKED.COM The Prestige The screenplay took five years to write. Due to Insomnia (the movie, not the affliction), director/writer Christopher Nolan couldn't commit to writing The Prestige, so he shared writing duties with his brother Jonathan. The two would trade drafts back and forth between projects until it was finished.

Source: CBR

Masters of the Universe

CRACKED.COM Masters of the Universe Dolph Lundgren hates his performance. Lundgren was fresh from his breakout role as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, so many were skeptical that he could carry a feature as a lead. In hindsight, Lundgren agrees, frequently stating in interviews that his accent and inexperience hurt the film.

Source: CBR


CRACKED.COM MANNA USIN RED CHE WT Idiocracy The movie was inspired by a trip to Disneyland. Inspiration was sparked when Mike Judge witnessed an obscenity-ridden argument between two parents waiting in line for the Alice in Wonderland ride.

Source: NPR

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