18 Smashing Facts About WWE SummerSlam and Its Wrestlers

Slammin’ trivia to share with your wrasslin’ buds.
18 Smashing Facts About WWE SummerSlam and Its Wrestlers

Summer is coming to an end. Soon folks will be returning from the beaches. Kids will be going back to school. The heat will remain, however. Climate change is still a thing, so we’re still going to be pretty hot until, like, November. But there is one thing that marks the end of the summer: SummerSlam!

There’s no other tradition that marks the change of seasons than seeing grown men in tights do Street Fighter II-ish mock fighting for our entertainment. It’s a good day to get some friends together, order pizza, drink cold ones, enjoy the air conditioning, and become the Greek chorus to the violent theater that is pro wrestling.

With the 35th SummerSlam coming up, we here at Cracked want to share with you some facts about The Biggest Party in the Summer before enjoying the festivities. Here are some slammin’ facts about SummerSlam to share with your wrasslin’ buds.

Charlie Sheen vs. Daniel Bryan

SummerSlam 2012 Charlie Sheen was going to wrestle Daniel Bryan (but backed out). The actor was trading verbal barbs with Bryan on WWE TV leading up to SummerSlam, but ultimately he and WWE couldn't agree on money. CRACKED.COM

Source: IGN

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