18 Facts About What’s Streaming On HBO Max In August

18 Facts About What’s Streaming On HBO Max In August

The end of a season is a wistful thing. You look back on the good times you had, even during the annoying times. Sure, summer is hot and uncomfortable and sweaty and there is no shade ever to be found that can help you escape hell. However, there are pool parties and hot dogs and pool parties with hot dogs. There’s also the summer movie season.

Well, thanks to HBO Max, the summer movie season doesn’t have to end. There are plenty of blockbusters that they are adding to this August for you to enjoy in your nice cool home before fall begins and it’s still hot but not as intense as it once was. Seriously, September will be almost as sweltering as this month.

So sit back in your chair, sip on a cold cocktail, and enjoy these facts about the TV shows and movies coming to HBO Max this month.


August on HBOMAX August 1 whiplash Miles Teller broke J. K. Simmons' rib. Teller joked that Simmons owes him his Oscar, due to his help in making the performance compelling. CRACKED.COM

Source: Empire

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

August on HBOMAX August 1 Invasion of the Body snatchers The cabbie who drives Donald Sutherland and Brooke Adams to the airport is Don Siegel, who directed the original 1956 version. CRACKED.COM

Source: HMV

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

August on HBOMAX August 1 Ghost Dog: The way of the samurai Director Jim Jarmusch did the movie just to work with Forest Whitaker, developing the character and the story around the actor. CRACKED.COM

Source: Filmmaker Magazine

Mystic Pizza

August on HBOMAX A SLICE a SLIC August VEN EN 1 Mystic Pizza The movie featured Matt Damon's first film role. You can spot Damon as Steamer in the film. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

The Notebook

August on HBOMAX August 1 The Notebook Ryan Gosling wears brown contact lenses, as his character's older self is played by the brown-eyed James Garner. Why they didn't give Garner blue contacts since he has fewer scenes is anyone's guess. CRACKED.COM

Source: Seventeen


August on HBOMAX August 1 Gaslight This 1944 movie (based on a play) is the origin of the term gaslighting, as its plot revolves around this form of psychological abuse. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vox


August on HBOMAX August 1 ChipS Garfield Bill Murray agreed to do the movie because he mistook scriptwriter Joel Cohen for Joel Coen, one half of the Coen Brothers. CRACKED.COM

Source: Collider

The Fault in Our Stars

August on HBOMAX The Fault August 1 In our stars The filmmakers thought that Shailene Woodley looked too athletic and healthy to play a cancer patient, but cast her anyway after her audition wowed them. CRACKED.COM

Source: OK! News


August on HBOMAX August 5 Belfast The movie was inspired by director Kenneth Branagh's real life. Branagh was the same age as the main character during the Troubles, and his family also left Belfast to live in England. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

The Devil's Backbone

August on HBOMAX August 1 The Devil's Backbone Director Guillermo del Toro forbade the child actors from rehearsing with their parents, in order to get an authentic performance and not TV commercial takes. CRACKED.COM

Source: /Film

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