As the planet burns, we should be thankful we live in a pop culture landscape in which Ethan Hawke continues to be a thing. Ever since 1985’s Explorers, a movie we haven’t seen and, frankly, are not going to see, Hawke has been pumping out high quality work (and silly superhero shows triggering everyone, because in our burning planet everything triggers everyone except for the fact that the planet is burning). A real renaissance man, Hawke is of course a celebrated actor, but he’s also done theater, TV-shows, novel and comic book writing, and has even dipped his toes in good ol’ Hollywood nepoti – erm, sci-fi, we meant sci-fi. What a legend.

Plus, we live in a golden age of Ethan Hawke content. While some of us are still depressed from Before Midnight and trying to catch up on The Good Lord Bird, his horror movie The Black Phone has become a hit. Now, we thought the hype was kind of unwarranted, something we have to say because we love Hawke, but we love the truth much more, damn it. At the same time, however, his portrayal of a child killer was truly chilling, yet another example of why Ethan Hawke and his voracious intellectual curiosity when choosing roles just rocks. Thus, as yet another recent project of his has premiered, the documentary The Last Movie Stars, we thought we’d take the time to learn a bit more about the actor with these 20 awesome facts. Oh, and also, do you know who does care about the planet burning? Yup, Ethan friggin’ Hawke.

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Superhero Movies

CRACKED.COM Ethan Hawke Не defends superhero movies. The movies that I like are the ones that people put their heart into, he has said. And you can feel it in a superhero movie, or you can feel it in a horror movie, or you can feel it in some arthouse movie.

Source: CBR

Marvel Cinematic Universe

CRACKED.COM Ethan Hawke Не thinks the MCU is not friendly to directors. Hawke has gone on record saying that Marvel is much more nurturing to performers than to filmmakers, which he thinks might be part of the reason why Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola criticize it.

Source: CBR

Arthur Harrow

CRACKED.COM Ethan Hawke Moon Knight's Arthur Harrow was changed because of him. Harrow was supposed to be older, until Oscar Isaac said he could get Hawke on board. According to showrunner Jeremy Slater, We quickly abandoned the idea of an older Harrow because when you get a chance to get Ethan Hawke, you take it.

Source: CBR


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