5 Things About Vikings That We Get All Wrong

Unfortunately, thanks to centuries of misinformation in scholarly histories and in popular culture, most people suffer from a variety of misconceptions about the Vikings, from who they were to when they were active to what, exactly, they did.

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We bet when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, he didn’t imagine that it would eventually turn into a small pocket-sized computer that would dominate the modern American’s day-to-day lives and interactions. Well, he wouldn’t know what a “computer” was to begin with. 

Another thing Bell probably wouldn’t have thought of is the number of movies featuring his telephone invention that would be made. He likely wouldn’t have figured that his device would be featured in a booth and be used as a means to travel through time. Or be the focus of a prison escape. Or anything else for that matter. He’d probably be afraid of our hairstyles, too.

In any case, he’s dead and we’re not. So to celebrate the fact that we’re alive, we’re going to talk about some facts about some movies that feature telephones, since The Black Phone is being released this week. Here it is.

Sorry to Bother You

PHONE FILMS 2018 SORRY TO BOTHER YOU Lakeith Stanfield moves up the corporate ladder as a telemarketer who has perfected the white voice for his sales calls. A brilliant and hilarious social commentary, with a twist you won't see coming. CRACKED.COM


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

PHONE FILMS BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE 1989 Bill S. Preston and Ted Theodore Logan are two dimwitted yet good natured rock and roll teens that have to research for their history report the only way they know how - by traveling back in time via a phone booth time machine. A comedy cult classic. CRACKED.COM


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The Conversation

PHONE FILMS THE CONVERSATION Here's a Coke 1974 Gene Hackman plays a surveillance expert who suspects the couple he's been spying on are going to be murdered. A suspenseful offering from Francis Ford Coppola that was nominated for multiple Oscars. CRACKED.COM


When a Stranger Calls

PHONE FILMS 1979 WHEN A STRANGER CALLS A killer calls up and terrorizes a babysitter, only to return to stalk her seven years later. A classic horrific thriller that inspired movies like Scream later on.


Sorry, Wrong Number

PHONE FILMS 1948 SORRY, WRONG NUMBER A classic noir drama about a woman who overhears what sounds like a murder plot over the phone and does her best to prevent it. It's based on a critically lauded radio play and book. CRACKED.COM


Dial M for Murder

PHONE FILMS 1954 DIAL M FOR MURDER An Alfred Hitchcock thriller about a former tennis star planning the murder of his adulterous wife. A classic in every sense. CRACKED.COM



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