'Moon Knight's Getting Review Bombed For Acknowledging The Armenian Genocide

'Moon Knight's Getting Review Bombed For Acknowledging The Armenian Genocide

The first episode of Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight miniseries is finally out, and people, it is awesome. Based on the Marvel character with an absolutely bonkers backstory and hitting us with an opening scene that is Ethan Hawke serving up a damning dish of pure pain, we are hooked. And, looking at Rotten Tomatoes, we’re not alone. 

Rotten Tomatoes

That is as Fresh as that shot of Moon Knight’s butt at the end and you know exactly which shot we’re talking about.

IMDb users, on the other hand, seem to have some … problems. The average stands at 7.5/10 right now, which isn't that bad but while the highest number of raters gave the show full marks, the second-highest went full opposite:


And it's all apparently because Ethan Hawke said this:

Yeah, some people apparently took the mention of the Armenian genocide as their cue to clutch an imaginary pearl and yell, “Propaganda!” before swiftly review bombing the film because, according to these people, the Armenian genocide never happened. According to the Armenian genocide deniers, Marvel, Disney, and Ethan Hawke are now spreading false information to the masses through a show about a guy who just wants to go on a date. Honestly, you’d think these trolls would be able to relate more.

It seems that IMDb has been swift in scrubbing the reviews featuring Armenian genocide denialists spreading all this false information, but some of these reviews were caught early and published. And they all pretty much sound like a version of this one:

“Nowadays US film industry likes to pump false historical information about the fake “armenian genocide” b*…t. Obviously armenian lobby works hard and influences these false information all over the world. This title is another piece of this lobbying effort, nothing more. Strong thumbs down! You can even see brainwashed morons here still trying to pump this false info here. We are living in the lands of where this so called “genocide”, there are tons of objective resources in the net, which proves the facts, yet they still choose to show this stupidity for the sake of their lobbies.”

It’s as cringingly predictable as you’d expect. How anyone still takes these kinds of internet posts/toxic bandwagons seriously in the year 2022 is, well, pretty depressing. 

We guess the truth is that there are people in this world whose brains are just all eaten out from (ironically) all that conspiracy propaganda they’ve been swallowing for so long. 

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