25 Tales From The Front Page That Made Our Ears Perk Up

Subway is sick of customers customizing their subs.
25 Tales From The Front Page That Made Our Ears Perk Up

It's true. All these facts are absolutely true. They were either reported by credible witnesses or uncovered by researchers or verified by the relevant authorities. I have checked all the facts and there is no doubt that they are true. I enjoy this list of interesting facts because I find them to be highly entertaining. I don't find any of these facts to be boring or uninteresting. I hope you also enjoy this list of stupendous facts as much as I do. I enjoy this list of interesting facts because it's fun to read, but also because it's useful to know. You may not believe all of these facts at first, but you'll probably start believing them after reading them more than a few times. It's not only fun to read this list of interesting facts, but also educational. This is a list of interesting facts that will entertain and amuse you while at the same time teaching you something. 

Indian farmers streamed fake pro cricket matches to Russian bettors for two weeks.

Farmers streamed fake cricket matches to Russians for two weeks. CRACKED.COM A group of Indian farmers set up a fake Indian Pre- mier League cricket tour- nament so convincing that they managed to trick a Russian audience into making real bets.

The Verge

A former pastor is sentenced after performing sexual acts on a Henry hoover at church.

A former pastor was seen performing sex acts on a vacuum cleaner. Henry CRACKED.COM The 74-year-old was seen in his office wearing nothing but women's stockings and thrusting into a Henry Hoover. The pastor was found guilty of indecent exposure, and the witness is presumably getting an eye transplant.

Banbury Guardian

Houston man buys face mask, then wore it while robbing same store clerk.

A man in Houston bought a face mask, put it on, and then robbed the store clerk. CRACKED.COM Officials stated he pre- tended to be a customer, bought a face mask, then hung around the store until some customers left. Не then put on the face mask and pulled out a gun from his waistband.


Woman claims downstairs neighbor broke through her floor and pepper sprayed her over noise complaint.

A man broke through his ceiling to pepper spray his upstairs neighbor. GRACKED.COM A mother of two young children claims her down- stairs neighbor broke through her tile floor and pepper sprayed her, fol- lowing a series of unre- solved noise complaints.


Family found living with weapons in Nevada children's museum.

A family was found living in a children's museum with a cache of weapons and drugs. CRACKED.COM The Nevada couple worked at the museum and had made it their home, with their two young children. A storage room was found with guns and knives with- in reach of a child.

ABC News

Oklahoma noodler confesses to killing fellow fisherman over Bigfoot fears.

An Oklahoma fisherman killed another man for trying to feed him to Bigfoot. CRACKED.COM Larry Doil Sanders con- fessed to slaying Jimmy Glenn Knighten by strangulation after Larry discovered Jimmy in- tended to feed him to sasquatch/Bigfoot.


A hypothetical weather forecast for 2050 is coming true next week.

A hypothetical weather forecast for the far off year of 2050 is about to come true. °C °F 50 120 40 100 CRACKED.COM The official weather fore- cast agency for the UK used climate models in 2020 to predict soaring tempera- tures in 30 years, but the hot weather didn't want to wait around, it seems.


Stop yelling at tourists, say police in Arizona destination.

Locals in an old mining town in Arizona were told by police to please stop yelling at tourists. GRACKED COM Jerome, AZ, only has a population of 450 but gets over a million visitors a year. Jerome police say residents are yelling at and leaving notes on short-term visitors.

AP News

Edinburgh Airport suspends helpline over baggage backlog abuse.

Edinburgh Airport has so much lost Tuggage in storage they had to suspend their helpline. CRACKED.COM Hundreds of missing bags are currently being stored at a warehouse near the air- port. The airport said remov- ing the phone line would al- low teams to work through a backlog of queries.


Woman faced $50K fine for missing shingle after bylaw complaint.

An Ottawa woman was told to fix a single shingle on her roof or face a $50,000 fine. CRACKED.COM The shingle was blown off during a windstorm, but the homeowner, Heather Borquez, says there are other houses on the street in much worse condition that weren't handed the same mandate.


Man gets stuck in stove pipe at DeKalb Little Caesars after trying to enter business from roof.

A man got stuck trying to break into a Little Caesars through an exhaust pipe. CRACKED.COM It took firefighters an hour to remove the man from the vent, which ар- peared to extend from a large pizza oven, after which he was taken to a hospital.


Lawsuit says Bass Pro won’t honor lifetime warranty on socks.

A Missouri man is suing Bass Pro over a lifetime warranty on socks. CRACKED.COM Kent Slaughter exchanged his wool socks from the out- door outfitter every time they wore out for a new pair with a lifetime warranty, but now they only come with a 60-day warranty.

AP News

King of Thailand Finds and Adopts 13 Near Death Starved Great Danes At Breeding Farm.

The King of Thailand adopted 13 Great Danes that were found starving at a breeding farm. CRACKED.COM The negligent owner left the house and the dogs a few weeks ago, claiming he could no longer feed them. King Rama x offered to take the dogs in and cover the cost of their treatment.

Buzz News

Skittles ‘unfit for human consumption’, lawsuit claims.

A lawsuit against the Mars candy company is alleging Skittles are not fit for human consumption. CRACKED.COM The ingredient titanium di- oxide, that gives the candy their bright hue, is a known toxin and unfit for human consumption, according to the lawsuit. The ingredient has already been banned in other nations.

The Guardian

Subway decides customers had too many choices.

Subway is changing their menu because customers had too many choices. SUBWAY SAUDI Litro Expense GRACKED COM The new Subway Series menu gets rid of the build your own style in favor of four categories, chees- esteaks, Italianos, chicken and clubs, each featuring three different sandwiches.

Fox 5

Queensland cafe worker unfairly dismissed for not using 'smiley emojis' in text message.

A cafe supervisor was fired for not using smiley emojis in a text message. CRACKED.COM The supervisor raised con- cerns over text about being short staffed to the manager, who then insisted she be fired for not showing emo- tion and that she didn't add any smiley faces.


A mosquito killed in a burgled department helps police catch the thief.

A killed mosquito at the scene of a crime led police to a suspect. CRACKED.COM Chinese local police caught the burglar through DNA analysis of the blood- stain left by a squashed mosquito. Police were then also able to solve three other burglary cases all linked to the same man.

Global Times

Some schools build affordable housing to retain teachers.

Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area are building affordable housing to keep teachers. Has Cance Where? Definition Why? Feelings How? Treatment GRACKED COM High school teacher Lisa Raskin moved into one such apartment, which is a single bed- room going for (a deeply discounted) $1,500 a month.


Montana rejects library logo over similarity to pride flag.

The Montana State Library rejected a logo design because the colorful prism looked like a pride flag. GRAGKED.COM I think there are two things you can say today to set off a firestorm in the area of infor- mation, commissioner Tam- my Hall said. One is rainbow and one is misinformation. Those are very political, ex- plosive weapons.

AP News

Simone Biles offered coloring book, mistaken for child on flight.

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles was mistaken for a child on a flight and offered a coloring book. CRACKED.COM If the timeline provided by her Instagram post is anything to go on, the 25-year-old, sev- en-time Olympic medalist was flying home after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Fox 7

Top Conservative MP says “too many rely on benefits', claimed £159,000 in expenses last year.

A conservative MP claimed £159,000 in expenses but thinkstoo many rely on benefits. CRACKED.COM Suella Braverman has ac- cused people of choos- ing to rely on benefits, but claimed thousands in expenses in addition to her combined £181,600 a year salary.


Republican who pushed 2020 election fraud claims accused of election fraud.

A Republican nominee that pushed the 2020 election fraud claim was accused of election fraud. CRACKED.COM Representative Lee Zeldin has been accused of ballot petition fraud in the race to become New York's gov- ernor. Zeldin voted against the certification of Biden's electoral votes in AZ and PA on January 6.


Arizona communities would 'collapse' without cheap prison labor, Corrections director says.

The Arizona Department of Corrections Director says the state's communities would collapse without prison labor. CRACKED.COM In Arizona, all people in state prisons are forced to work 40 hours a week, some earning only 10 cents an hour. Removing these workers would collapse many counties, according to Director David Shinn.

AZ Central

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