25 News Stories Hot and Steamy Off The Presses

Saudi Arabia is cracking down on “homosexual” colors found in the rainbow.
25 News Stories Hot and Steamy Off The Presses

Have you ever been at a gathering where the topic is “stupid things that people do?” You enjoy it, but your mind starts wandering to some of your own stupid things. What stupid things have you done? What else might you be able to share with the group? It's your turn! Facts are more fun when you can share them with other people. The only way to really know something is to talk about it. So, I have taken many of my favorite stupid things and made a list for you. If I was there, I'd have shared them all with the group, so that means you should too! As you enjoy this list of interesting facts, feel free to comment with more stupid things you've done, and more stupid things you've seen other people do. It will help make the conversation even more entertaining. And now, let's get started!

A tourist is banned for life for throwing an e-scooter down the Spanish Steps.

A US tourist is banned from Rome's Spanish Steps after chucking a scooter and causing €25,000 in damages. CRACKED.COM The e-scooter caused significant damage when the tourist threw it down the steps, which have already un- dergone a €1.5m resto- ration in 2015.


Saudi Arabia Announces New Crackdown on Rainbows.

Saudi Arabia is cracking down on homosexual colors. GRACKED GOM Rainbow-colored toys and clothes were removed stores in Saudi Arabia because au- thorities say they promote homosexual colors. Doesn't that make EVERY color a homosexual color?


Michigan Man Wins $30K In Lottery, Buys $20K Gold Chain, Gets Robbed.

A man was robbed of his $20k chain he just bought after winning a $30k lottery. GRAGKED.COM The man said he won $30,000 playing the lot- tery, bought a $20,000 gold chain and then had his jewelry stolen at a gas station on Detroit's west side. Still better than in- vesting in Crypto.

Play Michigan

Lindsey Graham Praises Trump for Making Everybody 'Afraid.'

Lindsey Graham praised Donald Trump for instilling fear in the American public during his time as President. CRACKED.COM Senator Lindsey Graham praised former President Donald Trump for making everybody afraid while he served in the White House, lamenting that peo- ple no longer feel that fear.


Herschel Walker Says There Are 52 U.S. States While Slamming Stacey Abrams.

A Republican Senate candidate from Georgia doesn't know how many US states there are. CRACKED.COM Democratic candidate Sta- cey Abrams made contro- versial remarks about the state of Georgia, to which Herschel Walker respond- ed, There's what, 51 more other states you can go to, you don't have to be here.


Marjorie Taylor Greene says children 'should be trained with firearms.'

Amring literal children is Marjorie Taylor Greene's new suggestion for dealing with school shootings. CRACKED.COM If my children are in school and a mad man with a gun comes to a school to kill peo- ple, unfortunately a psychol- ogist is not going to be able to just talk him out of it, she said. That is not a good way to protect kids.

Business Insider

Police Chief Photoshopped a Latino Officer's Head on Hot Sauce Bottle.

A Police Chief photoshopped a Latino officer's face onto a hot sauce bottle as a joke. CRACKED.COM Anthony Campo is the same (now former) Police Chief who was caught on video put- ting a KKK sign on a Black officer's jacket last year.


Sen. Ted Cruz yet again feuding with a Sesame Street Muppet over vaccines.

Ted Cruz is fighting with a Sesame Street Muppet again over vaccines. CRACKED.COM After Elmo received the jab on the show, Cruz took to Twitter to say, Thanks Sesa- me for saying parents are al- lowed to have questions! You then have Elmo aggressively advocate for vaccinating children UNDER 5.


Rich New Yorkers getting PAE surgery to avoid 'Hamptons bladder.'

Rich New Yorkers are getting surgeries to not feel like they have to pee so much during summer drives. CRACKED.COM To combat Hamptons bladder, New Yorkers are getting prostate artery embolization, which reduc- es the size of the prostate in men, and bladder Во- tox, which decreases uri- nary frequency for women.


N. Korea suggests balloons flown from South brought COVID-19.

North Korea suggested that their COVID-19 outbreak was due to balloons from South Korea. CRACKED.COM Activists for years have flown balloons across the border to distribute hun- dreds of thousands of pro- paganda leaflets critical of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which make for an easy scapegoat.

AP News

Service retrieves your dead loved ones' tattoos and preserves them as framed mementos.

There is a service that retrieves tattoos from deceased loved ones to preserve and frame. CRACKED.COM People who want this done, in essence, this is their funeral ceremony, says Kyle Sherwood, the tattoo preservationist and COO of Save My Ink Forever, This means more to them than a church service.


Man lights firework on his head and it explodes into his skull.

A Texas man was instantly killed after he lit a firework off his head. | porro one I L CRACKED COM First responders found the victim, San Antonio resident Pablo Ruiz, was suffering from severe head trauma, with brain matter exposed from his skull.


Central Texas man puts life savings into buying virtual property.

A Texas man put his entire life savings into buying property in an online vírtual reality game. CRACKED.COM Virtual landowner, Justin Reed, put 18,000 re- al-world dollars into Entro- pia Universe, a game he has been playing for 20 years. Reed gets 3% tax revenue on virtual items mined in his virtual land.


Two Men Catch Fire at Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Store in the Hamptons.

Two men in the Gwyneth Paltrow Hampton Goop Store burst into flames. CRACKED.COM An explosion caused by rubbing alcohol being add- ed to a lit sterno at an event led to two men catching on fire. The men, and fire, were put out by a fire extinguisher.


Joey Chestnut regrets putting Berkeley protester in chokehold at hot dog contest.

Joey Chestnut put an animal rights protester in a chokehold during a hot dog eating contest. CRACKED.COM Protester Scott Gilbertson interrupted the festivities, which prompted competi- tor Joey Chestnut to put him in a brief chokehold. Chestnut says he feels bad and was just focused on getting back to eating.


Lithuanian crowdfunding drive gets Ukraine an armed drone.

Ukraine got a new armed drone thanks to crowdfunding from Lithuania. GRAGKED.COM $6.1 million was raised by Lithuanian citizens within mere days for the combat drone that will help stand against Russian troops. With a population of just 2.8 mil- lion, this is like everyone chipping in $3.

AP News

Man Claims He Was Unjustly Jailed For Killing Rooster.

A Florida man has claimed self-defense after slaying his neighbor's pet rooster. GRAGKED.COM James Nix Jr. of Jackson- ville, Florida, spent 30 hours in jail for aggravat- ed animal cruelty in May, but he says, I was fear- ing for my safety, and the chicken died.


Stores weigh paying you not to bring back unwanted items.

Big box stores are considering paying customers to keep their returns. - OTarget WWW down GRACKED.COM Stores like Target and Walmart have too much in- ventory as it is, and instead of paying to store even more return items, they are weigh- ing the option to let consum- ers just keep their purchases after issuing refunds.


Passport lineups prompt Canada to urgently procure hundreds of chairs.

Long lines for passport services are prompting the Canadian government to urgently procure hundreds of chairs. CRACKED.COM Employment and Social Development Canada is- sued a tender, titled UR- GENT FOR PASSPORT OFFICES, seeking 535 armrest-free chairs and 266 chairs with armrests.

CTV News

Channel 10’s new breakfast show records 44 Sydney viewers in dismal debut.

Only 44 viewers tuned in for a new Australian breakfast show. NEWS 10 FIRS] CRACKED.COM '10 News First: Breakfast' debuted at 8am with what may be the worst ever ratings in Australian TV history, with only enough viewers to par- tially fill a bus.

AU News

Women steal Michigan State Police recruiting tent at Traverse City Cherry Festival.

The State Police recruiting tent at a Michigan festival was stolen. OP MICHIGAN 100 YEARS STATE POLICE CRACKED.COM Two women were caught on video walking off with a re- cruiting tent used by the Michigan State Police at the Traverse City Cherry Festival. Police want help from citi- zens, since now they can't re- cruit more police, we guess.

Our Midland

Boris Johnson resignation: Hugh Grant encouraged protesters to blast Benny Hill theme.

Hugh Grant encouraged protesters to blast the 'Benny Hill' theme during Boris Johnson's resignation. CRACKED.COM The Golden Globe-winning actor, known for playing a UK prime minister in the film 'Love Actually,' en- couraged activist Steve Bray to play the Benny Hill theme song Yakety Sax outside parliament.

SBS News

Free noodles offered as Japan wrestles with low youth turnout for elections.

Japan is fighting low youth turnout for elections with free noodles. GRAGKED.COM Ippudo, which operates 50 ramen shops across the country, is offering young people endless free noodle refills for a fortnight from election day, provided they could show proof that they had voted.

The Guardian

Penguins refuse to eat cheaper fish as inflation hits Japanese aquarium.

Penguins in a Japanese aquarium are not happy with the cheaper fish they are being fed. CRACKED.COM For the penguins and ot- ters at Japan's Hakone-en Aquarium, inflation and rising prices have meant a change in diet, and they are making their distaste known.

CTV News 

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