Science fiction and horror go together like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, and peanut butter and sriracha (try it, it’s good). They’re both great tastes on their own, but can create some magic when combined. It’s a tried and true partnership.

As Jordan Peele’s Nope is on its way to theaters with its scary UFO premise, there are a ton of other sci-fi horror flicks out there that have inspired it. Alien provides chilling, stalkery fear within the confines of a space vessel. Then there’s the body horror within The Fly. Then sometimes a producer is like. “Screw it, let’s just put our slasher Jason into space” for Jason X.

No matter if you prefer one genre over another, there is a sci-fi horror movie for the biggest scaredy cat or nerd. Here are some fantastic sci-fi horror movies for you to check out before treating yourself to Nope.

Color Out of Space

Sci-Fi Horror Films 2019 Color Out of Space If you haven't seen the movie or read the H.P. Lovecraft story it's based on, just know that it involves a meteor, a mysterious Color, and Nicolas Cage just Cageing out throughout the film. We don't want to spoil anything further. CRACKED.COM


Event Horizon

Sci-Fi Horror Films 1997 Event Horizon Take the scariest haunted house you can imagine and stick it into a pocket dimension. This movie takes every concept and feeling one can get from Hell within the confines of a spaceship. CRACKED.COM


The Thing

Sci-Fi Horror Films 1982 The Thing The cold isolation of an Antarctic research station, mixed with paranoia and absolutely freaky special effects and puppetry, make for a quality time at the movies. The film's ending has been the subject of nerdy debate for decades. CRACKED.COM


Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Sci-Fi Horror Films 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers This classic remake takes a stellar cast and puts them into a place of pure paranoia where you can trust no one. Very few films can make an audience feel absolutely helpless. CRACKED.COM



Sci-Fi Horror Films 2006 Slither This Troma-like vision of director James Gunn features tentacle aliens taking over humanity, with horrific and hilarious results. A nice gem to see where the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies came from. CRACKED.COM


A Quiet Place

Sci-Fi Horror Films 2018 A Quiet Place It's rare that a movie can be so quiet and yet so engaging, but this one goes beyond its gimmicky premise of aliens with super-hearing slaughtering nearly all of humanity. A quality popcorn film (even though you'll hear everyone's chewing and crunching). CRACKED.COM



Sci-Fi Horror Films 1997 Mimic Is the person next to you actually a man-sized insect trying to eat you? That's the question this Guillermo del Toro film asks, with quality terror with tension and well executed special effects. CRACKED.COM


Happy Death Day

Sci-Fi Horror Films 2017 Happy Death Day A slasher film meets Groundhog Day as a college student tries to prevent her own murder (with gory and hilarious results.) CRACKED.COM


Attack the Block

Sci-Fi Horror Films 2011 Attack the Block What happens when aliens crash land near a low- income British neighborhood, and the only thing that can stop them is a bunch of teens? This movie has plenty of legitimately terrifying moments mixed in with quality comedy. CRACKED.COM



Sci-Fi Horror Films 1979 Alien A classic in the horror and sci-fi genre, the film's tagline, In space, no one can hear you scream pretty much sums up the movie. A true tale of survival within the small confines of a spacecraft with the iconic Xenomorph. CRACKED.COM



Sci-Fi Horror Films 1931 Frankenstein The classic tale of Dr. Frankenstein playing God by getting a sewn-up mass of body parts to rise from the dead. Some would argue this is the original sci-fi/horror movie. CRACKED.COM


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