25 Odd News Stories For The Weirdos Out There

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25 Odd News Stories For The Weirdos Out There

Often in the course of a long and winding day we might enjoy a list of interesting facts that were told to us by one or another friend or family member. At times they are humorous, at other times they are informative, but no matter what, they are usually interesting and often entertaining. They are the kinds of stories that keep our minds active and engaged, even when our bodies are tired or our eyes are strained. As we sleep we may be reminded of them with the passing dreams that are more than just mere recollections. We may not be able to recall who told us the story in the first place, but the facts will remain with us forever. It has become our habit to make these lists as we grow older. Perhaps they are lists of odd facts that we have accumulated over time. Or perhaps they are lists of odd facts that we enjoy this list of interesting facts that we have created for ourselves. Either way, they are lists of facts that we enjoy sharing with others and which we enjoy learning for ourselves.

'Very pregnant' sea lion visits California golf course.

An extremely pregnant sea lion took a breather on a golf course. CRACKED.COM Sea World staff res- cued the pregnant sea lion who was found on a California golf course and released her back into the Pa- cific Ocean.

NBC News

Miniature house installed in San Francisco park a mystery.

No one knows who put a tiny house atop a 30-foot-tall tree stump in a San Francisco park. CRACKED.COM Tamara Aparton, a spokes- person for San Francisco's Recreation and Park De- partment (that sounds off, doesn't it?), said it's been a mystery to the park's gardeners for more than a month.


Suspected land mine from the 1930s removed from Florida beach.

A 90-year-old land mine was removed from a beach in Florida. YOU MBW MBM CRACKED.COM The Indian River County Sheriff's Office said an old military ordnance was spotted on the beach, possibly from the 1930s, when someone was check- ing on sea turtle nests.


Fireworks shoot from truck that caught fire on New Jersey highway.

A truck carrying a load of fireworks caught fire in New Jersey. GRACKED.COM The truck caught fire at around 10:45 p.m., with fireworks shooting out of the top, and drivers were stuck behind the accident for hours - but at least they got a good show out of it.


Enough talk: YouTuber breaks world records for chugging Mountain Dew, tomato juice.

A YouTuber has broken the record for slurping tomato sauce through a straw. CRACKED.COM Eric Badlands Booker did the impossible (or maybe just the ill-advised) and downed a liter of tomato sauce in 1 min- ute and 18.90 seconds. This was immediately after chug- ging a liter of soda in 6.80 seconds - another record.


J.K. Rowling falls for Russian pranksters posing as Zelensky in Zoom call.

Pranksters called J.K. Rowling posing as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. CRACKED.COM Rowling was tricked by a pair of Russian pranksters, who made her believe she was speaking with the Ukrainian President on a Zoom call, praising her work and making a number of increasingly awkward comments.


People drawn to others who smell like them.

A new study shows we are more likely to be friends with people that smell like us. CRACKED.COM A group of researchers at Weizmann Institute of Sci- ence in Israel say, Nonhu- man terrestrial mammals constantly sniff them- selves and each other and, based on this, decide who is friend or foe.


Amazon uses kid’s dead grandma in morbid demo of Alexa audio deepfake.

A morbid demo of Alexa's audio deepfake used a kid's dead grandma. CRACKED.COM During a keynote presentation, an Amazon VP played a demo where a child asks Alexa for his deceased grandma to finish reading a book to them. Alexa responds Okay, and the stolen voice of the dead starts speak- ing through the cursed device.

ARS Tenchnica

Woman Rescued After Sending Grubhub Note to New York Restaurant.

A kidnapped woman begged for help in the 'notes' section of her Grubhub order. I CRACKED.COM The woman wrote in the ad- ditional instructions section of her order a plea for the employee to come with the police and to not make it too obvious. Do you have to tip cops or is that part of the de- livery fee?


Lauren Boebert Is Baffled by ‘Bricks’ Belonging To A Construction Site Near The US House Office Buildings.

Rep. Lauren Boebert got scared of construction material a block away from the US House offices. CRACKED.COM Boebert took to Twitter to ask Capitol Police why are there 20 pallets of bricks one block from the House Office Buildings? - alluding they are secret Antifa weapons, and not, you know, just build- ing bricks.

The Daily Beast

Burger King worker receives modest goodie bag for 27 years of perfect attendance.

A Burger King employee was given a crappy goodie bag for nearly three decades of perfect attendance. BURGER BURGER KING KING BURGER asile KING FA 95 CRACKED.COM The 27-year ВК veteran re- ceived a movie ticket, a bag of Reese's Pieces, a clear Starbucks tumbler, a lanyard, two pens, a couple of keychains and two packs of Lifesavers.

Toronto Sun

Bear dies after getting trapped in a hot car while searching for food in Tennessee

A hot car takes the life of an animal inside: a bear. CRACKED.COM The black bear died after it got into an unlocked car in search of food. Officials believe the bear was able to open the unlocked car with its teeth or paws and became trapped after the door shut.


Swiss 'zero star hotel' offers sleepless nights to ponder world's crises.

A Swiss hotel offers sleepless nights for guests to ponder the crises of the world. CIRCLE CRACKED.COM The zero star hotel is really an art installation, which is little more than a bed on a platform next to a busy gas station. The intention is to make guests think about the problems in the world, such as, why am I doing this?


I went to gun training for US teachers – and one of them 'shot' her colleague.

A teacher 'shot' a colleague at a firearm training course for educators. 78 77 CRACKED.COM The course trains teachers in what to do in the event of an active shooter on campus. By the end of the 5 day course, they will have spent more hours training with a hand- gun than most qualifying ро- lice officers.


Bored & Hungry Restaurant Stops Accepting Cryptocurrency.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club restaurant stopped accepting any form of CRACKED.COM The recently opened Bored & Hungry in Long beach, which was the first to accept ETH and ApeCoin, has stopped accepting any form of crypto altogether.


Greek state TV broadcasts advice on how to siphon gasoline.

The state TV of Greece broadcasted advice on how to siphon gasoline as prices soar. CRACKED.COM It's not something terribly complicated... you don't even need a special tube, even a hose for balconies will do, the station's re- porter said during their morning news program.

The Guardian

Goat accidentally neutralizes several invaders in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

A goat took out several Russian troops in Ukraine by triggering a series of explosions. GRACKED.COM A goat from a neighboring farm decided to pay a visit to the hospital that 40 Russian invaders were sta- tioned, triggering tripwires attached to explosives, and wounding several of the soldiers.


Reading host families urge Ukrainian refugees to find new accommodation.

Reading, Berkshire host families didn't think the war in Ukraine would be so 'long.' : d Nationvide Coffee I m Green GRACKED.COM Four months into the conflict, some host families are tired of the war and have even been encouraging ref- ugees to find alterna- tive accommodation.

Get Reading

Toyota is recalling its first mainstream electric car because the wheels can fall off.

Toyota was forced to recall its first mainstream electric car because the wheels might fall off. HE TOYOTA 00300 de 71-86 CRACKED.COM Toyota warned owners of BZ4X electric SUVS to stop driving them for problems in which nuts or bolts could loosen and wheels or axles can be- come disconnected.


City contractor goes out for drinks after work, loses memory stick.

A flash drive containing personal data on half a million people was lost by a worker going out for drinks. FC CC 512MB Mobile DiskZ4. USB2.0 CRACKED.COM The private contractor of the Japanese city Amagasaki, who was working on a munic- ipal pandemic relief program, lost a USB containing person- al data on all 460,000 resi- dents when he went to have drinks after work.

CBS News

Intoxicated Redland mayor Karen Williams crashed car one hour after meeting with drink driving victims.

A drunk mayor crashed their car an hour after meeting with drunk driving victims. CRACKED COM Mayor Karen Williams made a rash decision to drive herself home after she was in a video meeting with the families of drunk driving victims, consumed several drinks, and crashed.


Georgia death row inmate allowed to ask for firing squad instead of 'painful' lethal injection.

A death row inmate in Georgia was granted his request to be executed by firing squad. GRACKED.COM Michael Nance, who was sentenced to death in 2002 after being con- victed of murder, ar- gued that a lethal injec- tion would cause undue pain and suffering.

Sky News

Mars probe running Windows 98 receives software update after two decades.

The Mars Express spacecraft has received the first update to its Windows 98-based system in 19 years. Network Neighborhood Recycle Bin MSn Set Up The Microsoft... Start CRACKED.COM The mission was first launched to discover signs of liquid water on Mars, and now the upgrade will enable the spacecraft to view Mars and its moon Phobos with better levels of detail.


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