20 Mind Altering Facts That Kept Us Awake All Night

Wake up, sheeple: Swedish fish are just red Sour Patch Kids without the sour coating.
20 Mind Altering Facts That Kept Us Awake All Night

For thousands of years, people have been gathering interesting facts, then sharing them with their friends and families, and the whole world. The sharing is often done in writing or speech, but it can also be done through performance, and sometimes through music. There are lots of ways to enjoy this list of interesting facts. Here's how I will share mine. First, there's no one way that all of us will enjoy it. So here's an old story from my home country, Australia: One day, a boy was playing near a pool in a park. He found a frog in the pool, and was thrilled by its beauty. He was even more excited when he realised he had captured it in a jar, and could take it home to his mother. “Let's keep him in the house,” said his mother, “so he doesn't escape.” And I did much the same with all these facts:

Lenin’s corpse is displayed in the center of Moscow and has a yearly bath.

Lenin's dead body is bathed and dressed in new clothes every year. The body is kept under very warm and soft lighting which makes the discolored hair and yellowed skin a bit less noticeable. The public tomb is in the center of Moscow, despite his death wish to be buried next to his wife. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A robber mistook movie extras for actual cops and gave himself up.

A thief thought movie extras dressed as police on the set of Leon: The Professional were actual cops. The man ran from a store he had just robbed and en- countered the movie set by accident, where he saw all of the police and gave himself up to a bunch of uniformed extras. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Over two thirds of all plant life is found in the ocean.

Roughly 85% of all plant life is found in the ocean. Almost all ocean plants grow in the Euphotic Zone, the upper 200 me- ters. This depth is re- ferred to as the Sunlight Zone because sunlight penetrates through it. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Ocean Syrup 

Red Sour Patch Kids are made from the same stuff as Swedish Fish.

Sour Patch Kids are just Swedish Fish with a dusting of sour sugar. Not only are Sour Patch Kids from the same manu- facturer as Swedish Fish, but the only thing separat- ing red Sour Patch Kids from Swedish Fish is the tartaric acid coating they're dusted in. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Otters have the densest hair in the world.

Otter fur is about 1,000 times more dense than human hair. Sea Otters have the densest hair in the world, up to 140,000 / cm2 hairs. Humans have about 300 / cm2 on their head. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Some magpies show human-like generosity.

Azure-winged magpies show 'human-like' generosity. They provide food to their group members sponta- neously and without the other birds begging them. This so-called 'proactive prosociality' has long been believed to be a human hallmark. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


We evolved to not like bitter foods, and now it’s a big problem.

We evolved to not like bitter foods, and now it's a big problem. An evolutionary feature that pro- tected us for centu- ries is now causing major health risks. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Science Direct

A monument for Elvis was placed in the spot where he saved a man with karate.

There is a monument in Wisconsin on the spot Elvis threatened two thíeves with karate. While driving in Wisconsin, Elvis Presley drove up on a man being assaulted by 2 others. Elvis got out and in a karate stance, threatened to take the 2 shocked thieves on. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Most of the species on Madagascar are endemic.

Over 90% of the species found on Madagascar can't be found anywhere else on Earth. It is speculated that the reason behind this phenomenon is that the island has re- mained isolated for 88 million years from oth- er land masses. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The southern most church is found in Antarctica.

There is a church carved into ice in Antarctica. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows is a Catholic church carved into Antarctic ice and the southernmost place of worship in the world. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Hair suddenly turning white is called Marie Antoinette syndrome.

Marie Antoinette syndrome is a condition where hair suddenly turns white. The name alludes to Queen Marie Antoinette of France, whose hair allegedly turned white the night before her last w,alk to the guillotine during the French Revolu- tion. She was 38 years old when she died. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

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A Japanese PM resigned after not supporting his geisha mistress.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Sōsuke Uno, resigned in 1989 after an affair with a geisha. The scandal revolved around Uno being stingy, failing to properly pro- vide and support his mis- tress with an appropriate amount, rather than any kind of morality. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

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