20 Trivia Tidbits To Eradicate Boredom

New Mexico is older than regular Mexico.
20 Trivia Tidbits To Eradicate Boredom

When you enjoy this list of interesting facts, then I have done my job properly. When you get to the end, and you are smiling or at least chuckling, then I have succeeded in entertaining you, my dear reader. And if I have entertained you, then I can die happy. If not, then I will be forced to die with a frown on my face. So enjoy this list of interesting facts. It was written by a man who once wrote an entire book about how he could never die because he had never had his favourite food: a big bowl of Maltesers. Now he has died and his life's work is here for you to enjoy. So sit back and enjoy my favourite facts. If you do, then I will have achieved my life's ambition. But if you do not, then I am still happy. I have tried to entertain you. That is all that matters to me now.

Florida’s state gemstone memorialize space flights.

Florida's state gemstone does not naturally occur in Florida. NASA STORE CRACKED COM The finest moonstones are found mainly in Sri Lanka and Southern India. The gem was chosen to commemorate as- tronaut-controlled space flights launched from the Kennedy Space Center.

My Florida

Octopuses like giving hugs on MDMA.

Octopuses get touchy-feely with each other when given MDMA. CRACKED.COM Octopuses are anti-so- cial towards other octo- puses by nature, but when given MDMA or ecstasy they are much more friendly and try to hug each other.


This is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friends…

Pink Floyd's album Atom Heart Mother doesn't end until you stop it. CRACKED.COM The final song, Alan's Psy- chedelic Breakfast, features a dripping sink at the end. The effect was cut into the vinyl's run-off groove, caus- ing the dripping noise to play on indefinitely until the sty- lus was removed.

Floydian Slip 

Mercury could be just the core of a much larger planet.

Mercury is thought to be the almost-exposed core of a larger planet. CRACKED.COM The originally Mercury may have been 4.5x bigger before a colli- sion with another pro- to-planet that blew away most of its crust and mantle.


Steam was created to get around ‘Counter-Strike's problems.

'Counter-Strike' having so many issues led to the creation of Steam. AUTO dofusando Bemba CRACKED.COM Steam was originally created so that Valve didn't have to keep shutting off 'Counter-Strike' serv- ers to fix issues with the game.


A whistleblower was found dead in 1974.

A nuclear plant whistleblower was killed before she could go to the press. CRACKED.COM In 1974, Karen Silkwood set out to meet a reporter to go public with evidence of extensive safety violations. Her car appeared to have been run off the road and the documents she had with her were missing.


Beethoven’s audience gave him so many accolades that the cops broke it up.

Beethoven once received so much applause that the police had to break it up. CRACKED.COM At the premiere of Bee- thoven's 9th symphony, police had to break up the applause, as the amount he was receiving was con- sidered inappropriate for a private citizen.

Author Magazine 

Orphaned babies were leant out to colleges.

Colleges received orphaned practice babies. CRACKED.COM In the early to mid-1900s, orphaned babies were lent out to college home eco- nomics programs where they were taken care of en- tirely by groups of stu- dents in order to learn child-rearing skills.


Stand up right now and squeeze your buttcheeks together - for your health!

Lower back pain from standing too long can be relieved by squeezing your buttcheeks. GRACKED.COM By squeezing your butt like you're squeezing your cheeks together, you rotate your hips for- ward out of a position that might have too much anterior pelvic tilt.

Medical News Today

Too much wine saved Spain from being invaded by the British in 1625.

English officers called off an invasion of Spain in 1625 because their soldiers got too hammered. CRACKED.COM Sir Edward Cecil hoped to weak- en the Spanish Empire by plun- dering the coast, but his last stop was at the wine-producing region of Andalusia. The entire ship got plastered, abandoned their plans, sailed aimlessly for a while, and mostly died.

Alpha History 

A show about metal detectorists left props found by real metal detectorists.

Two men with metal detectors found coins from a show about men with metal detectors. CRACKED.COM Two metal detectorists thought they'd found a stash of Roman gold coins they estimated to be worth £250,000, but the coins were actually worthless props for the show The Detectorists.


Slow blinks make a cat feel safe.

Anxious/scared cats can be calmed with a technique called Slow Blink. GRACKED.COM It shows you as a more trusting person and is more likely to calm the cat. Animal shelters use the technique to help nervous cats feel more at ease.


A halfway house run by an old woman became a house of horrors.

An old lady ran a halfway house in Sacramento and killed some of the residents. RIO CITY CAFK CRACKED COM Dorothea Puente mur- dered 7 of the resi- dents and buried them in the front yard. Newspapers dubbed Puente the Death House Landlady.

LA Times 

Tom Hanks was rejected from a movie he produced with his wife.

Tom Hanks produced Mamma Mia with his wife, Rita Wilson. THRUT - AVAN Winto MAMMA MIA! CRACKED.COM Hanks even auditioned to be one of the three main men but was de- nied because his sing- ing voice wasn't quite up to snuff.

Digital Spy

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