25 Headlines To Run Through The Town Square Hollering About

25 Headlines To Run Through The Town Square Hollering About

The world is full of odd things and fascinating facts. This is a list of things that are strange and interesting. Some you might enjoy this list of interesting facts and some you probably won't but either way, you will probably learn something new. The average person spends approximately one month of their life wondering what happened to their keys. The man who holds the world record for consuming the most food in 24 hours is a Sri Lankan man called Kulothungan Chandra Sahabandu. In a bid to win the Guinness Book of World Records title, he devoured 13,000 rotis in 24 hours. A lion's roar can be heard up to 5 miles (8 km) away. The longest animal on earth is the blue whale. It can grow to an astounding 100 feet (30 metres) long and weigh over 150 tons (136 tonnes). There are currently around 3,000 different breeds of dogs in the world. … ummm … never mind, that's from the wrong universe. Here's the actual list:

Tesla employees had no place to sit, no parking slots when they returned to office.

Tesla employees were forced back to the office and found no parking spots or places to sit. CRACKED.COM Elon Musk had warned its employees to return to the office or lose their jobs, and the ones that couldn't afford to go jobless returned to of- fices not equipped to wel- come them back.

India Today 

Prince Charles denies wrongdoing over $3 million cash handed to him in bags by ex-Qatari leader.

Prince Charles has denied any wrongdoing by accepting bags full of cash from a Qatari politician. CRACKED.COM The prince was given a total of $3.2 million by Sheikh На- mad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the former prime min- ister of Qatar. The money was handed over in private meetings, in suitcases and shopping bags.

CBS News 

MTG Asks Why Kansas Cows Died After Saying Hot Earth Will Help Feed People.

Weeks after saying that climate change would be good for food production, MTG wonders how all those cows died in a heatwave. GRAGKED.COM Usually just the old, sick, or weak die in stressful conditions, not the whole herd, said US Representa- tive Marjorie Taylor Greene, who does not hold a degree in farming or ag- riculture.


France bans use of 'steak,' 'sausage' to describe vegetarian products.

Words like steak and sausage are no longer allowed to describe vegetarian products in France. GRAGKED.COM Some terms, such as but- ter, milk, and cheese are already protected on the Eu- ropean level and cannot be applied to plant-based prod- ucts. Words like burger are, however, allowed to be used on meat alternatives.


Biologist finds behemoth tree in North Vancouver nearly as wide as a Boeing 747 airplane cabin.

A tree the size of a Boeing 747 was found in Vancouver. CRACKED.COM The tree is likely 1 or 2 thou- sand years old and is possi- bly one of the widest-ever re- corded trees in В.С. Because red cedars hollow as they age, it's often impossible to count their inner rings like other trees.


Chilean man who was accidentally paid 330 times his salary resigns, then vanishes.

A man in Chile was accidentally paid 330 times his yearly salary in one check, and then went no-contact. AM 8 B So 3.29 essa der Apr S S 2 I - 2 1 - CRACKED.COM The worker usually nets about $555 per paycheck, but was issued a $183,593 check by ac- cident. Не told the company, which then told him to contact his bank, which he did - and then stopped answering his phone.


Couple bought home in Seattle, then learned Comcast Internet would cost $27,000.

Comcast wants to charge a Seattle couple $27,000 for internet service. GRACKED.COM All six neighbors on their property line were wired with Comcast internet, but for some reason their new home never was. Comcast ultimately said they would charge the couple $27k to run 181 feet of cable.

Ars Technica 

Mechanic sentenced for selling thousands of devices that allowed trucks to bypass emissions controls.

A mechanic sold thousands of devices that allowed trucks to bypass emissions controls. CRACKED.COM Matthew Geouge raked in $10 million for selling de- feat devices that helped shut off the emissions sys- tems on mostly die- sel-powered pickup trucks, and now must spend a year in prison.

Market Watch 

Families who bail on public school will get $7,000 per kid in GOP's new scheme: "Every red state" urged to follow

Arizona moves to kill public education with a new universal voucher law. HIBBING CRACKED.COM Every red state is urged to follow the new scheme, which will pay families $7,000 per kid if they bail on public school, a surefire way to keep the populace ignorant and thus ensure more GOP voters.


Ontario's new minister of natural resources faces environmental charges.

Ontario's new minister of natural resources and forestry violated the province's Endangered Species Act. CRACKED.COM The charges of harming or harassing Blanding's tur- tles, designated by Ontario as a threatened species, against newly appointed Graydon Smith are from his time as mayor of Brace- bridge, Ontario.


Landscaper Killed in DC Road Rage Shooting Linked to Leaf Blower.

A landscaper was killed when grass clippings blew onto someone's car. GRACKED.COM Jason Ford apologized to a driver who was angry over grass clippings touching his precious ve- hicle, and was later gunned down by the driv- er's friend at a red light.

NBC Washington 

Man in court on marijuana charges arrested while driving away from court in SUV full of marijuana.

A man was arrested with a car full of marijuana, driving away from court on marijuana charges. CRACKED.COM The man, in court for driving without a license and possession of over a pound of marijuna, was released but immediately caught in the parking lot again driving without a license and in posses- sion of 70 pounds of weed, and 20 pounds of extract.


Ugandan prophet claims he was driving when his car was lifted up by Jesus to heaven.

A self-proclaimed prophet in Uganda is claiming his car was lifted up to heaven by Jesus. CRACKED.COM William Ssozi said that he was driving along the En- tebbe Express Highway when he got carried away and was soon in heaven and welcomed by his late father who was also a pastor.

Matooke Republic 

Court tells Miami gunman who went on racist tirade he is banned from pretending to be a Navy SEAL.

A racist gunman in Miami is banned from pretending to be a Navy SEAL. GRACKED.COM Joseph Fucheck, a white Miami man who pointed a gun at a Black homeowner and hurled a racial slur, has pleaded guilty and on top of probation is banned from pretending to be a military man.



Former mayor of Turkey's Capital ridiculed for believing tweet on discovery of jelly bean reserves in Turkey.

Former Turkey mayor Melih Gökçek believed a tweet saying a natural reserve of jelly beans was found. CRACKED.COM Following the discovery of oil reserves in a southern prov- ince, a newspaper columnist joked that jelly bean reserves, valued at $6 billion, were also discovered. Gökçek said he didn't know what jelly beans were but he would investigate.

Turkish Minute 

Convoy protesters plan to stand up to high fuel prices by filling up their cars and driving around New Zealand.

New Zealand convoy protestors want to stand up to high fuel prices by purchasing lots of fuel. GRACKED.COM A poster circulating on so- cial media reads: Enough is enough. We deserve bet- ter. It then calls for fellow Kiwis to Stand up to fuel prices New Zealand-wide! and Start your engines get ready to roll!


Beck wishes he had let "Weird Al" Yankovic parody "Loser.”

Beck says that he wished he let Weird Al parody Loser early in his career. CRACKED.COM Beck was apprehensive about what this parody, called 'Schmoozer,' would do to his image, as he was still trying to overcome being known as a novelty act him- self, but now is actually real- ly sad it didn't happen.

AV Club 

Call to tighten New Zealand law that allows public pooing if no one watching.

New Zealand wants to tighten a law that allows people to poop in public as long as no one is watching. CRACKED.COM Defecating in public in a fineable offense, unless the person reasonably believes they were not being ob- served. But all this public poop, allegedly from campers, is creating a smelly situation.

The Guardian 

Rudy Giuliani says NY is the "wild, wild west" after attack.

Giuliani called NY the wild, wild west after he was savagely patted on the back. CRACKED.COM The former NY mayor and current melting stick of butter is complaining of soreness and swelling from being mercilessly smacked between the shoulder blades, calling for the at- tacker to be placed in jail.

US Time Today 

BMW Reminds Drivers To Use Their Car’s Indicators.

The BMW USA Twitter account is reminding its drivers to use their turn signals. M W В CRACKED.COM The tweet simply reads, Use your blinkers. It's almost like BMW is aware that their cus- tomer base is known largely by their complete disregard for anyone else's safety, com- fort, or human dignity on the road besides their own.

Car Throttle 

Delta Air Lines offered $10,000 to passengers willing to give up their seat.

Airline passengers were offered $10,000 by Delta to give up their seats on an overbooked flight. Delta ........ CRACKED.COM The Delta Air Lines flight de- parting Grand Rapids to Minneapolis, Minnesota had been oversold and eight passengers were needed to give up their seats. We would have accepted a lot less to not go to Minnesota.


Avalanche dent Stanley Cup minutes after being crowned champions.

The Stanley Cup was dented just minutes after the Colorado Avalanche were crowned champions. NDM CRACKED.COM Right wing Nicolas Aube-Kubel skated toward the scrum of teammates for a team photo with the Cup in hand, only to lose his footing and slam the trophy on the ice as he fell, denting the base.

USA Today 

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