18 Facts About What’s Streaming On HBO Max In July

You can risk going out, or you can stream movies and shows (and learn a bit about them).
18 Facts About What’s Streaming On HBO Max In July

You never know what the day will bring. When you wake up in the morning, you could just be thinking about showering and what you’ll make yourself for breakfast, then look over the day’s plan. Yet anything can just stop that plan dead. 

For example, you could be startled in mid-shower by an earthquake and have to protect yourself, losing your home as it shakes and crumbles around your wet and naked body. As you’re cooking breakfast, the burner on your oven goes haywire and burns your home down around your dry and naked body. All sorts of things can happen to ruin your day’s plan while you’re still nude.

But one thing that won’t hurt you is getting your breakfast on the couch and starting your day with HBO Max. A lot of stuff has been added to this streaming service this month. Here are some facts about the new additions in July.

Mad Max: Fury Road

July on HBOmax Mad Max: July 9 Fury Road The movie was supposed to be made in 2003 with Heath Ledger as Max, but the fallout of the Iraq War compromised shooting locations. CRACKED.COM

Source: /Film

Harley Quinn

July on HBOMAX season 3 July 28 Harley Quinn The Court of Owls seems to be involved in the season, according to a teaser image shared by series co-creator Patrick Schumacker CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

Tuca & Bertie

July on HBOMAX July 10 Tuca & Bertie The critically lauded show moved to Adult Swim/HBO after Netflix canceled it, getting a rare second life for a show killed by Netflix. CRACKED.COM

Source: Salon

A Simple Plan

July on HBOMAX July 1 A simple Plan The man who argues with Bill Paxton's character at the feed store is John Paxton, Bill's dad. Bill had no idea that his father even auditioned until the first day of shooting. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks

July on HBOMAX July 1 Doctor who: Eve of the Daleks Showrunner Chris Chibnall found this special particularly challenging to write, with each time loop having to be plotted separately. CRACKED.COM

Source: Doctor Who

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