Imagine you're Stephen King-- You're a massively successful, best selling author of spooky novels. One of your most personal works to date, the story of an alcoholic writer losing his grip on his own humanity that echoes your own fears of the person you're worried you're capable of becoming gets the Hollywood adaptation treatment by one of the greatest filmmakers of all time… And you kind of hate it? Sure, it'll be remembered through history as one of the best, most tense horror movies ever made, but you can't get out of your craw that it's not the way you ever meant for the story to go. 

King's not alone, he's not even the first to be mad a Stanley Kubrick-- There are plenty of authors dissatisfied with adaptations of their work, and not all of the movies are anywhere near the level of The Shining or A Clockwork Orange. 

…Just wait until we get to Alan Moore. 


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