You know Marilyn Monroe, right? That blonde bimbo whose face is everywhere? Well, she wasn’t dumb, not at all, and her face being everywhere is the sad result of, well, capitalism. Now let us tell you something about friggin’ capitalis–no, wait, we were talking about Monroe. Yeah, she wasn’t even blonde! But this is well known. What is more interesting is how Monroe’s image has begun to change in recent times, especially as the toxicity of old Hollywood becomes clearer and clearer. Just like the cultural awareness that perhaps Britney Spears wasn’t a soulless product for the male gaze to devour, but rather a person with, you know, ideas, feelings, and parasites surrounding her, Monroe’s soulful humanity and artistic significance have long begun to be reconsidered. Also, Kim Kardashian’s desperate need for relevance has only made clearer how special Monroe was. 

Yes, Marilyn Monroe was beautiful. But she was also much more than the sex she was typecast into during her lifetime – and the death she was typecast into after her demise. What has emerged is a complex human being, who handled her image and sexuality in a very deliberate manner, so much so that you could say it was she who objectified an entire culture, and that she’s been having us in the palm of her hand for almost 80 years. The problem is that the character got too real. As what might well be the definite biopic approach to Monroe’s psychological depth moves closer to us, we thought it’d be interesting to get to know the legend a bit more under a new light: astonished by her beauty, of course, but also respectful of her actual life, emotional complexity, and undeniable artistic achievements.

Marilyn, The Character

CRACKED.COM Marilyn Monroe Her public persona was an act. There are plenty of testimonies of Norma Jeane referring to Marilyn in the third person, talking about what her character would or would not do.

Source: Yhara Zayd/YouTube

Marilyn Monroe Productions

CRACKED.COM Marilyn Monroe She ran her own production company. She founded Marilyn Monroe Productions in 1954, (and the press mocked her for such an enterprise, continuing with their pattern of abuse to her). The company's only movie was the 1957 British romcom The Prince and the Showgirl.

Source: MsMojo/YouTube

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

CRACKED.COM Marilyn Monroe Truman Capote wanted her to play Holly Golightly. Monroe was friends with the literary legend, and even played a few scenes of Breakfast at Tiffany's for him, but her acting coach advised her not to play such a character. Capote was not happy with Paramount's choice, Audrey Hepburn.

Source: Vogue

Marilyn's Voice

CRACKED.COM Marilyn Monroe Her sultry voice was a result of speech therapy. A speech therapist trained Monroe to overcome her stuttering through that breathy, throaty style. Sadly, the stutter returned in later years, which helped build her reputation as being difficult to work with.

Source: Vogue

Unfinished Movie

CRACKED.COM Marilyn Monroe She was fired from her last film. A month before her death, Monroe was fired from the Dean Martin romcom Something's Got to Give, as her behavior was becoming too erratic. The movie was canceled, then remade the next year as Move Over, Darling, with Doris Day.

Source: Wikipedia

Marilyn's Movies

CRACKED.COM Marilyn Monroe She did almost 30 movies. Her first movie was 1947's Dangerous Years. Her last, 1961's The Misfits. In between, her best works include Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Monkey Business, Some Like It Hot, Bus Stop, and The Seven Year Itch,

Source: Wikipedia


Marilyn Monroe Her glow wasn't an accident. Besides actively avoiding the sun, she slathered herself with Vaseline, Nivea Crème, moisturizer, and even olive oil. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vogue

Joe DiMaggio

Marilyn Monroe Her marriage to Joe DiMaggio was short and bad. DiMaggio was already possessive and aggressive, but became physically violent after a publicity stunt mimicking the iconic subway grate scene from The Seven Year Itch. They apparently patched things up later on, and he even arranged her funeral. CRACKED.COM

Source: MsMojo/YouTube

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