You know the classic sitcoms: your Seinfelds and IT Crowds and, well, you know. Some of them stay timeless, while others struggle to avoid fading out – or simply disappear when culture stops simply stops having a place for them. And yet, for all the clichés and weirdness and soul-destroying existential horror, we cannot help having them in our heart. They make us laugh, cry, or try to explain to new generations why we thought Friends was funny in the first place. In any case, we love sitcoms – except for those we don’t even remember, that is.

In this Pictofact, we take a brief look at sitcoms you probably forgot existed. Now, some of you will be like “pff, of course I remember that one!” But you see, we’re not talking to you – no, you’re awesome, we’re talking to the other readers, the ones whose actual lives might have led them to forget some of these shows. For these readers, we’ve dug through our earliest, traumatic memories of trash TV, only to end up unearthing some sitcoms that were actually, well, quite good, and others that indeed stunk. They don’t stink as much as this sitcom, but, you know, they gave it the good ol’ Saved by the Bell: The College Years try. Now, speaking of Saved by the Bell

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