20 Now-You-Know Facts For Friends And Foes Alike

Ariana Grande loves small grills so much, she got one tattooed.
20 Now-You-Know Facts For Friends And Foes Alike

I enjoy this list of interesting facts. If you read it, I hope you do too. If you do not, please do not bother to read it.I have spent much of my life enjoying a peculiar hobby: making lists. I started in the fourth grade when my teacher, Mrs. Taylor, asked us to create a list of things we wanted to be when we grew up. My list included: an astronaut, a ballerina, a police officer, a writer, a zoo keeper, a scientist, and a musician.When I was in sixth grade I created another list of interesting facts. I had learned about lists on TV and I decided to try my hand at it. This list included things like: The world's smallest building is made of rice paper; the word “kangaroo” comes from an Aboriginal word meaning “I don't know who or what you are,”; and a redwood tree is considered old when it's twenty years old.

Dana Carvey sued a hospital after a botched heart surgery.

Dana Carvey won a lawsuit against a hospital when the wrong artery was operated on during a heart bypass surgery. GRACKED.COM Carvey won $7.5 mil- lion when the surgeon worked on a healthy artery, and not the blocked one. The legal winnings were all do- nated to charity.

USA Today

Luke Perry was buried in a burial suit that eventually digests the wearer.

Luke Perry was buried in a 'mushroom suit.' GRACKED COM The Infinity Burial Suit is a biodegradable mush- room burial suit that al- lows bodies to rejoin na- ture by being digested as energy for growing organisms.

Green Matters

A $95,000 junk mail check actually cleared when it was deposited.

Someone actually managed to cash one of those junk mail checks for $95,000. gra VIA DE I I I - Race - DELL SO SWEET. 62% I D - . so AFFORDABLE I 2 Gre 5 UCAL 8 SELECT RENAI DITO CRACKED.COM Patrick Combs received the $95,093.35 check in his junk mail and thought it would be funny to deposit it. To his sur- prise, the check cleared 10 days later, and the bank couldn't take it back since they missed their own legal deadline.

SF Gate

A mother received an honorary law degree for helping her daughter through law school.

A Turkish mother received an honorary degree after reading lecture notes to her blind daughter. CRACKED.COM The University of Sa- karya gave Havva Merve Kul an honorary degree after she spent four years helping her blind daughter, Berru, with her law degree.

Indian Express

Revlon tried to get rid of a contestant on a game show they sponsored for not wearing makeup.

Dr. Joyce Brothers was too smart to get kicked off of 'The $64,000 Question.' GRACKED.COM The shows' sponsor, Revlon, tried to get rid of Joyce since she didn't wear makeup on air. She was asked increas- ingly obscure questions in an attempt to trip her up, but she went on to be the show's first female top prize winner.

Columbia Magazine

The wings of a cicada literally shred bacteria.

Cicadas have wings with antibacterial patterns. CRACKED COM The nanopattern made of nano pillars that make up the wings of a cicada shreds bacteria membrane, making their wings a chemical-free antibacterial.


Donald Duck’s sister didn’t make her animation debut until 80 years after her first mention.

Donald Duck's sister had an 80 year gap between first being mentioned and appearing in animation. CRACKED.COM Della Duck, the mother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, was first men- tioned back in 1937, she did not make her animation debut until 2017.

Inside The Magic

Leslie Nielsen’s umpire character from ‘The Naked Gun’ was recognized by ESPN.

ESPN published an obituary for fictional umpire, Enrico Pallazzo. CRACKED.COM When Leslie Nielsen died, ESPN paid respect to the actor the only way that a sports network could, by posting the obituary of his character from 'The Naked Gun.'


Camels will be coaxed into accepting their young by a flute.

Mongol herders will use a fiddle or a flute to соах a camel into accepting a calf. CRACKED.COM If a camel rejects her new-born or there's a need to adopt an orphaned calf, the herders use a chanting ritual accompanied by fiddle or flute to соах her into accepting the calf, chang- ing the tune depending on her behavior.


‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ was saved by Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise saved the American release of 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.' - - valutions BEST BRITISH MOVIE... - to addenticity of The Long Sand friday with jet -black humour of Reserveir Dogs only intricately plated wt of The Italian Job. one of THE FUNNIEST FILMS I have SEEN IN YEARS. - - - - lock stock CRACKED.COM Cruise endorsed the film at a buyer screen- ing, launching the ca- reers of Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie & Matthew Vaughn in the process.


Mike Tyson called up Ali to let him know he would avenge his loss in 1980.

Mike Tyson called Muhammad Ali on the phone in 1980 to tell him he would avenge Ali's loss to Larry Holmes. CRACKED.COM The 14-year-old Tyson, at the time, was al- ready a boxing pros- pect. Не fulfilled the promise seven years later, knocking Holmes out in four rounds.

Sports Casting

A recording artist in the 1800s recorded thousands of master tracks of the same songs.

George W. Johnson recorded 25,000 master tracks in the late 1800s. CRACKED.COM Since every recording was a master back then, he would record the same song over and over with several recording devices pointed at him, sometimes fifty or more times a day.

Ragtime Ephemeralist

The ASPCA founder also founded the first child protective services.

The founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also created the first child protective services. GRACKED.COM The first child protective services organization in the world was created af- ter the founder of the ASP- CA realized laws protect- ing animals from abuse were stronger than laws protecting children.


The oldest bald cypress in the world was burned down by a meth addict.

A 3,500 year old tree was burned down by a meth addict. GRACKED.COM The Senator, the 5th oldest tree in the world, was burned down by a 26-year-old who lit a fire inside the tree to see the meth she wanted to smoke.

Huffington Post

Kids in Wisconsin can drink if they’re with a parent or guardian.

Children in Wisconsin can drink alcohol as long as they are with a parent or guardian. of WE Stire O. TH SCOTC VISA NICOLAL - ALBALI RESERVA CHERRY THE BLACERASKID KATEAU LIVE ... PUNTIGAME POK WHISKY - Stico - E CRACKED.COM MARQUES to This is at the discretion of the licensee. The licensed premises may choose to prohibit consumption and possession of alcohol beverages by underage persons.

Fox 11

King James had no chill in regards to tobacco.

King James hated tobacco and wrote a diss track about it. CRACKED.COM In 'A Counterblaste to То- bacco', King James de- scribed smoking as a cus- tome lothesome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs.

Historic UK

Ariana Grande had a mistranslation tattooed on her palm.

Ariana Grande had 'small charcoal grill' tattooed in Japanese on her hand. CRACKED.COM It was supposed to trans- late to 7 Rings, a song of hers, but was missing a few important characters. She later had it fixed, saying RIP tiny charcoal grill. Miss u man. I actually real- ly liked u.

The Guardian

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