20 Happening Facts For Every Cool Cat and Kitten

Mazda had to recall cars on two occasions due to spiders.
20 Happening Facts For Every Cool Cat and Kitten

Do enjoy this list of interesting facts. Some people like to call them “stupendous” facts, but that's just silly. If you say “stupendous facts,” you sound stupid, and it makes it harder to read the list.Some people enjoy the following list so much, they print it out and hang it on the wall in their homes. The printout should be laminated, so the list does not wear away over time, which will prevent people from reading all the interesting facts.Some people enjoy the following list so much, they download it and play it on an endless loop in their homes. The downloaded list of facts will continue to provide entertainment for their family for many years to come.Some enjoy this list so much, they purchase a book with a printout of all the facts included in a plastic sleeve inside the back cover. These plastic sleeves can be reused many times if you do not care about the book's spine becoming damaged from repeated removal of the sleeve, and if you are willing to sacrifice the spine for the sake of knowledge.

The Jaguars had to get rid of the ax in their locker room after “the incident.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars kept a tree stump and an ах in their locker room in 2003. 74 END RACIDA ROBINSON 10 74 The props inspired the team to keep chopping wood, which several players literally did, until punter Chris Hanson missed and hit his own leg with the ах. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Radio stations east of the Mississippi River start with W, ones to the west start with K.

Commercial radio call signs must be announced at the top of the hour by law. Most US commercial radio stations east of the Mississippi river start with the letter 'W' and west start with the letter 'K'. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

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NASA doesn’t get any money from NASA merchandise.

NASA doesn't make any money from merchandise bearing its name. NASA The multimedia liaison at NASA, Bert Ulrich, says the amount of companies re- questing permission to use the logo on merchandise have risen from once a week to once a day. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

LA Times

A serial killer was granted anonymity after their release from prison.

An 11-year-old serial killer was released at age 23, and her whereabouts are kept secret. Mary Bell was sent to prison in her teens and escaped briefly, but was recaptured. After her re- lease at age 23, the high court granted her protec- tion and anonymity. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Guardian

“The Great Wall of Vagina” is a plaster showcase of genitals.

A wall of plaster vaginas was erected to display human variety. The Great Wall of Va- gina was made from casts of genitalia from anonymous women all over the world. The idea was to make the sexual nonsexual. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Jamie McCartney

Sri Lankan chiefs overthrew their king, assumed the throne, and killed each other one at a time.

The king of Sri Lanka had his throne taken over by chiefs that kept killing each other. 1 of the 5 Tamil chiefs would take the throne and be slain by another, who would take the throne, and be slain by another, etc. Eventually the original king, Valagamba, killed the final chief and re- took his throne. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Mazda had to recall cars on two occasions due to spiders.

Mazda had to issue recalls after spiders caused their vehicles to catch on fire. The company recalled 42,000 Mazda6 sedans be- cause of a fire risk tied to yellow sac spiders in 2014, as well as 52,000 in the U.S. three years prior for the same issue. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Ted Kaczynski listed his life sentences as “awards” at his University reunion.

The Unabomber listed his life sentences as awards of recognition. Ted Kaczynski listed his eight life sentences for his string of bomb- ings as awards of rec- ognition at his Har- vard University 50 year reunion. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A man created the first snowmobile after a blizzard led to the death of his child.

The snowmobile was invented after a man couldn't get his son medical treatment in time. 2-0 GUIDE Joseph Armand Bombar- dier invented the snow- mobile after his son died of appendicitis when a blizzard prevented him from getting him to a hospital in time. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

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The Titanic’s maiden voyage was delayed when the captain crashed another ship.

The Titanic's captain was indirectly responsible for the disaster. The Titanic's captain, Ed- ward Smith, was first the captain of the Olympic when it collided with a warship, the repairs of which delayed Titanic's maiden voyage that ended in catastrophe. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

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An elephant actually made Hannibal’s trip through the alps.

Someone actually re-enacted Hanníbal's route through the alps with an elephant. A 1959 archeological ex- pedition successfully led former circus elephant Juno through Hannibal's route in the Alps from France into Italy after 10 days of travel. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Life Magazine

A snake bite produced two victims: a man, and the snake.

A man in India bit a snake back after it bit him, and both of them died. Parvat Gala Baria (70) was working in his farm when the snake bit him, and in a blind rage he picked the reptile up and put it in his mouth. Baria was rushed to a hospital but succumbed to the bite. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Times of India

A restaurant in San Francisco still honors a deal from the previous building residents.

A restaurant that took over the lease of a Mexican eatery honored the previous owner's tacos for life deal. The San Francisco restaurant Casa Sanchez closed in 2012, but people who got free ta- COS for life because they got tattooed with their logo can get free pupusas (Honduran flatbread) from the restau- rant that took over. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

SF Gate

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