19 Total Banger Trivia Tidbits

From diapers to yogurt, Jamie Lee Curtis has our bowel movements under control.
19 Total Banger Trivia Tidbits

We're not even going to begin with the fact that there are some very peculiar things on the Internet, like that link where you can watch a cat enjoy this list of odd facts. If we did, it would take all night. So, let's start with this: There are only six things on this list that are real.

1. The man who was swallowed by a python died of asphyxiation.

2. The average person has slept with over 700 people.

3. You have an average of 728 Facebook friends, but only 506 real friends.

4. It is physically impossible for a human to lick their elbow.

5. In a small study in Prague, they found that 94% of men have had sexual thoughts about at least one of the seven people standing behind them in the supermarket.

6. The human unit contains 300,000 bacteria per square inch.

Uhhh … wait … wrong introduction. Enjoy this list of interesting facts:

A wrong blood transfusion may result in a feeling of impending doom.

Getting the wrong blood could cause a feeling of type in a transfusion impending doom. ГОЯЧА TOMBI are ICS AB+ When people who have | في ICS International AG one blood type receive Identicade 11 I Rh Positive blood from someone with -Systeme DE-41267 Germany a different blood type, it SAMPLE Colection Date Volunteer Donor 2/5/2000 23 59 may cause their immune Rx Only WHOLE BLOOD DVIDED UNT CRYOPRECIPITATE REDUCED | 200 I system to react, called Approx 450 Y الم 1 6 MIMEC I ABO incompatibility. CRACKED.COM

St Lukes

Napster sent The Offspring a cease and desist.

The Offspring was sent a cease and desist from Napster for selling their logo on merchandise. CRACKED.COM The band praised Napster as a promotional tool for con- necting fans with music and said, You guys  our stuff - we're gonna do yours, too. You shouldn't have any problem with that, should you?


A microwave being opened caused 17 years of problems at a radio telescope.

A microwave oven messed with the Parkes radio telescope for 17 years. Genius 11000 Secure Mon - 495 de - Seould Servor Cook Power أسين NO and Defixat Keep Warm Looking --- Disney Sen SAME WHISH Service Tex CRACKED.COM - Panasonic Scientists spent 17 years try- ing to identify powerful but extremely short radio bursts that would appear at seem- ingly random intervals. They finally identified that the mi- crowave being prematurely opened was the cause.

Centauri Dreams

A hail storm brought the end of the Hundred Years’ War.

The first phase of the Hundred Years' War was ended by a hail storm. GRACKED.COM Called Black Monday, a hail storm killed an estimated 1,000 English soldiers in Chartres, France in 1360. King Edward of England con- sidered it a sign from God and soon after he signed the Treaty of Bretigny.

Historic UK

Bret Easton Ellis Tweeted a drug request.

The American Psycho author accidentally Tweeted out a request for cocaine. CRACKED.COM In 2012, Bret Easton Ellis accidentally tweeted Come over at do bring coke now to his 350,000+ followers in- stead of sending a direct message.


One cosmonaut spent the equivalent of 2.2 years in space.

Sergei Krikalev has spent more time in space than any other human in history. GRAGKED.COM The Russian cosmonaut has been away from Earth for 803 days, 9 hours and 39 minutes. That is approximately 2.2 years, over the span of six spaceflights.

Huffington Post

Ants stretch when they wake up.

Ants stretch and yawn when they wake up. GRAGKED.CÓM Before they sleep they of- ten make themselves com- fortable by scooping smooth hollows in the soil. When they wake they stretch their six legs and open their mandibles wide.


Apple’s third founder sold his shares for $800.

The third founder of Apple, Ronald Wayne, left after less than two weeks. non Tour PUS Bus Just 11 days after helping found Apple, he sold his 10% stake in the company for $800, and within a year would receive another $1,500 to agree to forfeit all claims to the company when it was converted to a corporation.


“Soccer” is originally a British naming convention.

Soccer was once a popular name for Football in Britain in the sport's earliest days. 16 10 CRACKED.COM It was named Association Foot- ball to distinguish it from the other forms of football, eventual- ly being called Assoccer for short, and then soccer. When the game spread to countries that already had a form of foot- ball, they used the soccer term.

Rules of Sport

A Harry Potter stuntman became paralyzed during the sixth film.

Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double was paralyzed practicing a stunt. CRACKED.COM David Holmes, Radcliffe's stunt double through the first six Harry Potter films, was paralyzed from the waist down during the sixth film while practicing a flying scene that includ- ed an explosion.


There is a disorder that makes people smell like fish.

Trimethylaminuria is a disorder that makes people reek of fish. CRACKED.COM TMAU is caused by the body being unable to convert trimethylamine to trimethyl- amine oxide, resulting in the stinky trimethylamine being excreted through the pores, breath and urine.


Jean-Paul Sartre won, and declined, a Nobel prize.

Jean-Paul Sartre declined his Nobel Prize in Literature in 1964. GRACKED COM Не said, a writer should not allow himself to be turned into an institution. Не consistently declined all other such official hon- ors people tried to grant him over the years.


George Eyser was the only Olympian with an artificial leg for over 100 years.

An American gymnast competed in the 1904 Summer Olympics with a wooden leg. CRACKED.COM George Eyser won six med- als: 3 gold in long horse vault, 25 ft. rope climb, and parallel bars; two silver in the 4-event all-around and pommel horse, and one bronze medal in the hori- zontal bar.


Brazilians can lower their prison sentences by reading.

Brazilian prisoners get a chance to reduce their sentences by reading books. CRACKED.COM Prisoners can knock off four days for every approved book they read and write an essay on, for a total of 48 days a year. Approved books include various sci- ence, philosophy, and clas- sic literature novels.


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