18 Facts About What's Streaming on Prime Video in June

18 Facts About What's Streaming on Prime Video in June

The heat is on this June and summer movie season is on! Well, sort of. Summer movie season isn’t what it used to be. Back in our day (which in pop culture years might as well be 1888), the movie theater was the only respite for cool air and cool entertainment.

You could refresh yourself with a bucket of popcorn and an ice cold soda from the fountain while watching a blockbuster to talk about with your friends later, that day or when you returned to school after the summer. Now, you can just pop some popcorn in a microwave, use a Sodasteam, and text your friends whenever you finish watching something on Prime Video.

Whether it’s a new series, a new season of a series, a new-to-you movie, or a freshly added classic, Prime has got you covered.

Prime Video has a lot to offer this June, and we’ve got some fun facts to go along with them.

The Wolf of Wall Street

June on prime video June 12 The Wolf of wall street Matthew McConaughey's chest-thumping is actually his own personal acting ritual. It's something he does to get prepped and mentally clear before doing a take. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

Half Baked

June on prime video Sharpool June 1 Half Baked After production wrapped, cast and crew were gifted blocks of the fake marijuana. (This was before the real stuff was legalized anywhere in the country.) CRACKED.COM KEEP OCC

Source: Mental Floss

The Brady Bunch Movie

June on prime video June 1 The Brady Bunch Movie Marcia Brady's Christine Taylor is actually two years younger than Jan Brady's Jennifer Elise Сох, despite playing her older sister. So you're younger? Sure, Jan. CRACKED.COM

Sources: IMDb, IMDb

The Boys

June on prime video season 3 June 3 The Boys Homelander's costume has a battery- operated cooling system. However, Antony Starr has to turn it off while shooting, because it's too noisy. CRACKED.COM

Source: Insider

No Time to Die

June on prime video June 10 NO Time to Die The sound design was inspired by video games such as Call of Duty and Half-Life, as director Cary Joji Fukunaga wanted to create a similar sense of immersion. CRACKED.COM

Source: IGN

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