15 Iconic Props That 2000s Comedies Couldn’t Do Without

Everything is funnier with a talking toilet.
15 Iconic Props That 2000s Comedies Couldn’t Do Without

“A comedian without a prop can’t click,” said old-timey actor Wesley Ruggles in Kliph Nesteroff's book The Comedians. (Funnier name: Wesley Ruggles or Kliph Nesteroff?) “I learned that back in the days when I pushed the props around for Charlie Chaplin. Great pantomist that he is, Chaplin realizes the necessity of props.”

From Chaplin's bowler cap and cane to Steve Martin's arrow through the head to Carrot Top's … well, to Carrot Top's everything, props have always been a vital comedy tool.  Lucky for us, today's funniest inanimate objects have come a long way from the squirting lapel flower or the cream pie shoved in the face.  In fact, many of the comic movies and TV shows of the 21st century wouldn't work without them.   Here are fifteen examples of goofy props that made modern comedies sing.  Take a look and be sure to watch out for falling bunk beds.



Talking Toilet

GRACKED COM GENE'S MYSTERY TOILET FROM BOB'S BURGERS Gene befriends a seemingly sentient toilet, complete with a variety of handy features. Like a porcelain ET, Gene is able to help his new pal find its way home. The talking toilet is the role Jon Hamm was born to play.



LESLIE KNOPE'S WAFFLES FROM PARKS AND RECREATION We need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn't matter, but work is third. CRACKED.COM


The Pink Cast

THE PINK CAST FROM LADY BIRD The physical manifestation of Lady Bird's rebellion is so iconic that you can buy a jigsaw puzzle version from the A24 store. GRACKED.COM


Pillows and Blankets

CRACKED.COM PILLOWS AND BLANKETS FROM COMMUNITY Abed and Troy build massive bedroom forts in multiple episodes, although they are ultimately destroyed. Reddit conspiracy theorists believe the forts are metaphors for the show itself. So is Dan Harmon a Pillow or a Blanket?



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