15 Facts For When We Want To Become Just A Little Bit Smarter

"Take Me Out to the Ballgame" was written by two dudes that never went to a ballgame.
15 Facts For When We Want To Become Just A Little Bit Smarter

“Humor is just common sense, that was all folks laughed at.” — George S. Kaufman 

“A man who has nothing to do is always in love.” — Benjamin Franklin 

“Humor is just common sense after the lamps are out.” — Noel Coward 

“Humor is a way of getting through life without offending people.” — Jim Henson 

“I'm not sure what the difference between a comedian and a preacher is, but I know it's something like a joke versus a sermon.” — George Carlin 

“No one will ever accuse me of being a serious writer.” — S.J. Perelman 

“Humor is mankind's greatest blessing.” — Mark Twain 

“The world laughs in woe: ‘Tis much best jesting.” — William Congreve 

“If you don’t want your kids to listen to the radio, don't give them transistors.” — Stan Freberg 

“I have no friends because nobody likes my jokes.” — Steven Wright 

“The secret of happiness is to enjoy this list of odd facts.” — John Cleese

Black holes make noises that we can’t hear.

The pitch of the sound generated by the black hole in the Perseus cluster is В flat. CRACKED.COM But, a human would have no chance of hearing this cosmic performance because the note is 57 octaves lower than middle-C, according to NASA.


Jefferson and Adams took a souvenir from Shakespeare’s old home before they were president.

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams vandalized Shakespeare's home in 1786. CRACKED.COM On a trip to William Shake- speare's former home in London, they chipped off a piece of one of his old chairs and took it with them as a souvenir, in Ad- ams's words, according to the custom.


Saliva helps the tongue heal faster than other parts of the body.

The tongue is the fastest healing part of the body. CRACKED.COM Wounds in the oral cavi- ty heal faster and with less scarring than wounds in other parts of the body, because saliva promotes the healing of oral wounds.


An 11 day traffic jam occurred in China.

A traffic jam once lasted for 11 days in Beijing, China. بادية 40% 103.2 Therealty Russian redie AUTO RADIO - pas - CRACKED COM For 11 days in the sum- mer of 2010, around 10,000 vehicles were trapped along a 74.5 mile stretch on the Beijing-Tibet express- way.

ABC News

The word for a lack of prosperity uses each letter at least twice.

Unprosperousness is the longest word in which no letter occurs only once. A J D P Z K CRACKED.COM Unprosperousness means the lack of prosperity. It's also a word that includes 16 letters that are all used at least twice.


The tallest and shortest president were a foot apart.

The tallest and shortest US presidents had an entire foot between them. CRACKED.COM Abraham Lincoln takes the top spot at 6'4, while James Madison lands at the bottom at 5'4. The most recent presidents have been above average height, as humans have on average become taller over time.


Sunburn affects mangoes.

Mangoes can get sunburned, ruining crops. CRACKED.COM The fruit can be damaged by the sun, getting burns that result in bleaching, le- sions, and discoloration. In 2014, Australian mango growers lost nearly a quar- ter of their crop due to sunburn.


Human thigh bones can hold up five pickup trucks.

Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. GRAGKED.COM A cubic inch of bone can in principle bear a load of 19,000 lbs. or more -roughly the weight of five stan- dard pickup trucks.

Live Science

It takes four times as much water to make a pound of milk.

Dairy COWS drink up to 50 gallons of water per day. CRACKED.COM Four to four-and-a-half pounds of water are needed in order for a COW to produce a sin- gle pound of milk.


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