17 Things We're Sick Of Seeing In Superhero Movies

With great quantity comes great cliches.
17 Things We're Sick Of Seeing In Superhero Movies

With Marvel dominating the box office, we are at the height of superhero movies. And with great quantity comes great cliches. For every incredible genre-breaking move a film makes, there are another three films relying on formulaic approaches. And look, we don’t hate every cliche. Give us spandex, too-long action sequences, and a mutant with human problems any day. But there are some elements that are just boring to watch unfold.

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What trope in superhero movies are you sick of?” Although not all the responses were tropes, per se, we appreciated and agreed with many of the answers. From sexist, impractical costume choices to Jared Leto, there are some things we all agree superhero movies are overdue to let go of. Did we miss any superhero super-cliches that would make you beg for a movie ticket refund? Did we include something that makes movies superb by your standards? Be sure to leave an angry comment below.

Empathic Millionaires

... TELL US NOW. EMPATHIC MILLIONAIRES Todd H. is sick of seeing the millionaire who cares in superhero movies, and we agree but would love to see it in real life. CRACKED.COM

A Magical Pep Talk

... TELL US NOW. THE MAGIC OF PEP TALKS Evans L. doesn't like YOU gOTtA bELiEvE iN YOurSEIF pep talks that miraculously make all the difference and unlocks hidden badass powers that turns the hero into a superb fighting machine. CRACKED.COM

Time Travel

... TELL US NOW. TIME TRAVEL Steven Е. is sick of seeing time travel in superhero movies. CRACKED.COM

Unnecessary Romance

... TELL US NOW. UNNECESSARY ROMANCE Malia K. hates how woman superheroes always need a d**n love story. It's the only thing that ruined Wonder Woman, imo. Captain Marvel was awesome for not doing that nonsense. CRACKED.COM

Origin Stories, Again

... TELL US NOW. ORIGIN STORIES, AGAIN James Y. says, We don't need to see Batman or Superman's origin stories anymore. Please just get to the plot. CRACKED.COM

Jared Leto

... TELL US NOW. JARED LETO George G. is tired of movies trying to make Jared Leto a superhero. From his version of the Joker to Morbius, we simply aren't having it. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. RETCON Tim L. can't stand When a new hero gets introduced after world changing events and explains why they weren't there to help out. 'I didn't fight Thanos because the PlayStation 5 was being released and I had to pick up my preorder. CRACKED.COM

Sudden Power Control

... TELL US NOW. SUDDEN POWER CONTROL Wally H. can't stand seeing the young person who has powers but can't control them...until the climax of the movie when they suddenly can control the powers like a veteran superhero because the villain was about to win. CRACKED.COM

Dark Mirror Villains

... TELL US NOW. DARK MIRROR IMAGE Wally H. thinks The bad guy is just a dark version of the good guy is overdone. CRACKED.COM

Unnecessary Unmasking

... TELL US NOW. UNNCESSARY UNMASKING J.R.D. hates when movies include heroes taking off their mask for screen time and revealing their 'secret identity' in an area full of cameras! CRACKED.COM

Superheroes in Heels

... TELL US NOW. SUPERHEROES IN HEELS Logan S. is sick of seeing heroes wearing heels or platforms. They're so impractical and only serve the purpose of sexualizing the character. CRACKED.COM

Empathy for the Villain

... TELL US NOW. EMPATHY FOR THE VILLAIN Erin C. can't stand the cliche of the hero harming/killing minions and, most likely, innocent bystanders but suddenly having compassion and empathy when it's time to kill the main villain. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. AMERICENTRISM One reader asks, Can't the world be saved in Liechtenstein or Burkina Faso, by a superhero that isn't American? CRACKED.COM

Sudden Forgiveness

... TELL US NOW. SUDDEN FORGIVENESS Vic G. can't stand when a villain does ONE good thing and is suddenly temporarily forgiven for abhorrent crimes. CRACKED.COM

Emotional Powers

... TELL US NOW. EMOTIONAL POWERS Alex K. is sick of seeing, The trope of women who can't use their superpowers unless they're experiencing an emotional outburst. It's cringeworthy, sexist, and the inevitable change where they suddenly gain self-confidence is never written well. CRACKED.COM

Not Paying Comic Creators

... TELL US NOW. NOT PAYING COMIC CREATORS Michael P. hates to see when superhero movies don't give the comic creators a fair cut of the profits. CRACKED.COM

Diet Fascists

... TELL US NOW. DIET FASCISTS Dominique R. is sick of seeing movies watering down the obviously fascist villains because if they translated them literally from the comic book a lot of them would sound like conservative Republicans. CRACKED.COM


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