Our bodies are pretty disgusting. We're walking meat sacks with fluids and gunk coursing through them, creating and expelling gasses with all sorts of smells and noises… And that's when everything is operating normally and healthy! When something goes wrong, on the other hand, Mother Nature seems to put it's hand on the “disgusting” dial, turn it all the way to the “10” mark, and not stop until the dial fully snaps off. Fetuses absorbing fetuses, hair growing tumors forming in eyes… The items on this list are a Cronenbergian nightmare movie just waiting to happen. 

Human bodies were absolutely a mistake, and we humbly await the future where we can upload our consciousnesses to cold and uncaring computer systems, and maybe live as cool robots or something. Until then, we're stuck with the aforementioned meat sacks, and all of the farts and burps and chewing and growths that come with it. Ick. 

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