So there's this disease going around that's killed, oh, millions of people. But as contagious and deadly as this disease, it no longer qualifies as rare or weird. If you're looking for rare and weird instead, feast your eyes on the following! (Warning: May contain some actual eye feasting.)

HICCUPS LASTED THREE YEARS 2010 Chris Sands starred in a documentary about the hiccups, and they diagnosed him with ... a brain tumor He was lucky; without the hiccups, the tumor might have grown undetected and killed him.

Source: BBC

A TODDLER DIDN'T SLEEP EVER 2009 Rhett Lamb suffered from a rare condition called chiari malformation, and he never slept, no matter how tired he got. Lucky for him (and his parents), surgery fixed it.

Source: ABC News

A HEART THAT DOES NOT BEAT 2011 CRACKED CO We've had artificial hearts of various designs for decades. But Craig Lewis has a continuous Pump, not a rhythmic one. That means he has no pulse. Turns out you don't need one.

Source: NPR

A GUY'S BLOOD TURNED GREEN 2007 It's called sulhemessulfur and it happens binds to the hemoglobin that carries oxygen in (formerly) red blood cells. The cause for this man: too much migraine medication.

Source: The Lancet

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