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We like to think of modern-day medicine as being logical, sterile, and wrapped in smart-looking scrubs. But the truth is, there's a lot of patently disturbing stuff about doctors, hospitals, medical procedures, diseases, and the human body.

And we're not talking about the past, or extremely rare situations. We're talking about modern, run-of-the-mill medical stuff like ...

Entry by Andrea Meno

Soldiers in an elite German unit are growing left breasts. In their drill, they're hitting that side of their chests with rifles over and over, and th

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

CRACKEDCO COM Everyone has their own fingerprints. But your tongue also has a one-of-a-kind print. Because of its uniqueness, the tongue coulD be UseD

Entry by Oona Vessman

Humans are genetically closer to cats than dogs. We share 90 % of our DNA with cats, but only 84% with dogs. Considering that most people would rather

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

GRACKED CO If a woman's heart tissue is damaged during pregnancy, her fetus will send stem cells to repair it.

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

Contralaterall lung transplantation is when someone needs a lung transplant, but the available organ is the left lung instead of the right. To make th

Entry by PookieJones

A handshake transfers more germs than a kiss. GRAGKEDDOON

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