15 Pieces of Brain Bait to Ruminate

Relatable: an Egyptian tablet from 1250 B.C. kept track of people who missed work.
15 Pieces of Brain Bait to Ruminate

I am not the kind of woman who is usually invited to the house of a stranger. In my profession, it would be considered improper for me to have any personal connection with anyone, so I have had few such invitations. Still, this time was quite exceptional and I accepted immediately. I knew nothing about his age or appearance; he simply seemed to need someone who would listen to him. He came to my house in the afternoon, when my husband was away, and we spent the evening together talking. It was a very long night and I must admit that by the end of it, I did feel as though I had learned much from him, although I am not sure exactly what. I have decided therefore to record all that he said, just to make sure I understand everything correctly.
In great confidence, he told me a list of fifteen facts, and that list went …


An Egyptian Tablet From 1250 BC Kept Track of People Who Missed Work.

People have avoided work for thousands of years. GRAGKED COM To prove it, housed in the British Museum is a fragment of ancient Egyptian pottery from 1250 BC that kept a record of people who missed work. In both black and red writing, it kept a list of names in one column with corresponding dates and reasons in the other.

British Museum

Alan Turing Who Broke Nazi Code Was Also an Olympic-Level Runner.

Alan Turing, the genius who broke the Nazi Enigma code during WWII, was also an Olympic-level runner. CRACKED.COM In a 1948 competition, he ran only 11 minutes slower than the Olympic winner that year. Turing said that, I have such a stressful job that the only way I can get it out of my mind is by run- ning hard.


Beavers Built a Dam Over a Speaker Playing the Sound of Running Water.

In the 1960's a Swedish biologist named Lars Wilsson studied beavers. GRACKED.COM Не wanted to investigate how the animal responded in different sce- narios in regards to dam-building. At one point he played the sound of running water through a speak- er, and the beavers built a dam around it thinking the speaker was the source of a leak.

Mental Floss

An Environmental Activist Lived in a Redwood Tree for 738 Days.

In the late 1990s, environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill lived in a 1500-year-old Californian redwood tree for 738 days. CRACKED.COM Organizers of a protest wanted someone to stay in the tree for a week to pre- vent Pacific Lumber Com- pany loggers from cutting down the tree. She stayed two years and eight days.

Washington Post

A Homeless Woman Lived Undetected in a Man’s Closet for a Year.

In 2008, a Japanese man noticed that food was missing from his fridge. GRACKED.COM Не set up a security camera and received an alert while he was out that someone was in his home. Не called the police, and officers found a 58-year-old woman who had taken up residence in the man's closet, and had lived there without his knowledge for a year.


Jonah Hill Was Only Paid $60,000 For The Wolf of Wall Street.

While fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio earned $10M, Jonah Hill got $60k for his role in Martin Scorsese's 2013 The Wolf of Wall Street. CRACKED.COM Hill wanted to work with Scorsese so much, he said, This isn't about money. You should do things that you care about.


Pope Benedict XVI Announced His Retirement in Latin.

In 2013, Pope Benedict XVI made a short announcement about his retirement... in Latin. CRACKED.COM While nearly all of the press waited to hear the Vatican's formal transla- tion, one Italian wire-ser- vice reporter knew Latin and got the scoop before everyone else.


“King of the Hill” Was Inspired by Mike Judge’s Texas Neighbors

Animated TV-series King of the Hill was partially inspired by co-creator Mike Judge's experience with a broken fence. CRACKED.COM Many years back, Judge was fixing a fence outside his new home near Dallas after a storm. Without hesitation, his neighbors jumped in and took over the repair. Не said the show was about neighbors who ...do right by people and are basically good people.


Rats are Ticklish.

Although many of us would prefer not to have any encounter with a rat beyond seeing one on the subway tracks in NYC, rats are ticklish. GRACKED.COM They show their delight when tickled with high-pitched laughter sounds that are typical- ly above 50 kilohertz, outside of the range of human hearing.


Ostrich Eggs Take One-to-Two Hours to Boil.

Equal to roughly 24 hen's eggs, an ostrich egg can take between one to two hours to boil. CRACKED COM An egg from an ostrich is similar to a hen's egg in taste, according to some, though oth- ers find the large nov- elty egg more gam- ey.


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