26 Food Products From The 80s (That Should Stay In The Past)

It's easy to forget that not everything from the past is worth remembering...
26 Food Products From The 80s (That Should Stay In The Past)

Sometimes through our rad aviator nostalgia glasses, we forget that some things from the past are better forgotten. Not everything from the 80s was synths, shoulder pads, and neon colors. The 80s also included toasted pizza and pudding roll-ups, which simply should not be forgiven. Hindsight can be 20/20 but these foods are, at most, 3 out of 10. 

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What food product from the 80s are you glad is long gone?” Because it’s the internet, this question made some people upset. Some readers said that just because they didn’t like a product, they didn’t want to yuck others’ yums, and although we respect that, that doesn’t make for good internet content. But many people quickly had their most hated 80s food at the ready…and we would definitely argue the world is better without neon green pudding pies. 

Are we missing any 80s edible atrocity? Did you click hoping to see a certain food product that wasn't here?


Undercover Bears Oatmeal

... TELL US NOW. UNDERCOVER BEARS OATMEAL Richard H. jokes, Maybe if we throw some candy and fake mystery in our oatmeal, the kids will ask for it. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. SIZZLEAN sizzlean 50% Leaner - - Jennifer C. says, It tasted like rubber and disappointment. If you want health bacon eat turkey bacon or no bacon at all. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. OJ'S Kalleygo Packed with Vitamin с OJ's Brad H. says, I remember there was an orange-flavored cereal called OJ's. It tasted as disgusting as it sounds. CRACKED.COM

Toaster Pizza

... TELL US NOW. TOASTER PIZZA CHEESE Toaster Quick Snacks PIZZA BUTTONI INSTANT KEE FROZ Liz K. doesn't miss these, saying, There was no good way to heat them up. it would still be frozen in the middle or the filling would fall out of the bottom. CRACKED.COM

Smurfberry Crunch

... TELL US NOW. SMURFBERRY CRUNCH SMURE BERRY RUNCH This sugary cereal was nominated by Richard D. as good to be stuck in the past. CRACKED.COM

Pudding Roll-Ups

... TELL US NOW. PUDDING ROLL-UPS PUDDING PUDDING PUDD ROLL-UPS ROLL-UPS ROLL - - adidas Sandy M. doesn't want us to forget about perhaps the weirdest form of pudding created. CRACKED.COM

Purple Passion


Pudding Pies

... TELL US NOW. PUDDING PIES PUDDING PIE NEW Hostess CALLY FLAVORED Sean M. says, I'm only glad that Hostess Pudding Pie is gone because I would weigh 300 lbs if it weren't. CRACKED.COM

Pudding Pies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

... TELL US NOW. PUDDING PIE: TMNT Nate W. informs us, There was a special pudding pie tie-in to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Green!!! CRACKED.COM

New Coke

... TELL US NOW. NEW COKE NEW! Coke Tim H. describes it as This Pepsi wannabe. I remember my Pappaw buying it for me at a local store and thinking how odd and plain it tasted. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. MUG-O-LUNCH Mug- Mug. Mug. o-Lunch o-Lunch o-Lunch Allen D. says, Truly the start of the 'depression meal', these reconstituted garbage cans just tasted like steamy summer ballsack. CRACKED.COM

Pizza Spins

... TELL US NOW. PIZZA SPINS PizzaSpins TUR the - RIDS SNACK Sheila W. says, Think I had them once or twice... not good! CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. MCSPAGHETTI McSPAGNETTI McSPAGNETTI. E after Kobesti Robbie S. nominates McDonald's attempt at spaghetti as the worst food product of the 80s. CRACKED.COM

MicroMagic Fries

... TELL US NOW. MICROMAGIC FRIES Micro VE Magic ES MICROWAVE FRENCH FRIES Naturals Rob G. doesn't miss these, saying they basically turned to powder in your mouth CRACKED.COM

Lunch Wagon Sandwich Slices

... TELL US NOW. LUNCH WAGON SANDWICH SLICES SAVE UP TO 30 on Lunch Wagon Great taste at a great price Lunch Wagon 16 Birthwich Sam Steven F. says, I never ate them, but from the ads I saw for them, I knew they had to be the fakest of all fake cheeses. CRACKED.COM

Weight Watcher Margerine

... TELL US NOW. WEIGHT WATCHER MARGARINE WeightWatchers 1 16 MARGARINE MARGARINA 28% Fett 28% de mat. gr. -65% Fett de matière grasse 250g 7 610827 668296 Serviervorschlag Mike H. says, My parents were big into WW all through the 80s so that's what passed for 'butter' in our house. That stuff wouldn't melt under a blow torch. CRACKED.COM

Ice Cream Cones Cereal

... TELL US NOW. ICE CREAM CONES CEREAL Ice cream cones CEREAL John R. nominates Ice Cream Cones Cereal as a food that belongs to be forgotten. It gives us cavities just thinking about it. CRACKED.COM

Morning Funnies

... TELL US NOW. MORNING FUNNIES MORNING FUNANIES Wardale W. says, I'm glad this cereal flopped. I hope it stays gone. Comic strips should be funny, not the cereal. CRACKED.COM

Frank 'N Stuff

TELL US NOW. ... FRANK 'N STUFF RA NK N STUFF STUFFED and FRANKS WITH HORMEL CHILI NET WT KAMA ARAHO Mike Y. misses these, but we think they rightfully belong in the past. CRACKED.COM

Burger Chef

... TELL US NOW. BURGER CHEF Biscuit & Sunrise Sandwiches One Cracked readers says, On two separate occasions I got both a moldy bun and a chicken bone in my hamburger. CRACKED.COM

Crystal Pepsi

... TELL US NOW. CRYSTAL PEPSI CRYSTAL DE GLU PEPSI 25 FL 25 0.5 123 Christopher C. reminds us of the short-lived clear soda that no one asked for. CRACKED.COM

Banana Frosted Flakes

... TELL US NOW. BANANA FROSTED FLAKES NEW BANANA FROSTED FLAKES Jack В. says, They were horrible, got soggy too quickly, and their flavor had nothing to do with bananas.... or even the artificial 'banana flavor' that candy companies normally use. CRACKED.COM

Astro Pops

... TELL US NOW. ASTRO POPS ASTROPop original 50% - Allen D. describes them as when you need to have a molar wemoved, but you're too poor to go to the dentist. CRACKED.COM

Jolt Cola

... TELL US NOW. JOLT COLA JOLT CX2 CAFFEIN XTWO 140 JOLTI COLA Christian P. says, it was the predecessor to the influx of caffeine-crammed beverages labeled 'energy drinks.' The ingredient label should've read 'Contains 10x the legal level of caffeine mixed with carbonated battery acid.''' CRACKED.COM

Big League Chew

... TELL US NOW. BIG LEAGUE CHEW BIGLEAGUE CHEW Bubble Gum Outta 'Here Original Bill S. says, There were 15 seconds of flavor and then you just had a giant ball of rubberized gum in your mouth. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. AYDS AYDS - APPETITE SUPPRESSANT CANDY - - - - - - - Paul T. reminds of the appetite-suppressant candy with the unfortunate name. CRACKED.COM


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