14 Amazing and Strange Animal Trivia Tidbits

14 Amazing and Strange Animal Trivia Tidbits

I'm not sure why I'm writing this. I don't expect anyone will see it or care about what's written here—but then I guess I've been wrong before.

I was a simple farmer, tending to the fields and animals that were my world, when I was struck down by some strange sickness, and now all of a sudden I can see things that others cannot...and I can hear voices from nowhere. It seems I have no choice but to write everything down so I won't forget anything important that comes my way as a result. I'll call myself John, just like everyone else. I don't mind.

So where did I come into being? I'm not sure, exactly; I know I had a family, though I never knew them. All I know for sure, really, is what the voices keep telling me. They kept repeating a list of strange facts, over and over, and it goes ...

An Ice Age Foal Was Found With Liquid Blood.

In Siberia, a 42,000 year-old foal was found fully intact in the frozen ground. CRACKED COM Researchers have been able to remove liquid blood from the baby horse's heart vessels in an attempt to clone it.


Cats Can Jump Five to Six Times Their Height.

Domestic cats can jump up to five or six times their height on average. GRACKED.COM In human terms, this is the equiva- lent of a 6-foot-tall person jumping be- tween 30-36 feet in the air.


A Basset Hound Was Once Considered a Cat.

In 2014, a basset hound named Yo Yo was allowed to stay on campus at Cambridge University despite the rules. CRACKED.COM After meeting with the college council, the dog owner was told Yo Yo would classify as a very large cat.


Wolves Make Safer Roads.

A researcher studying wolves in Wisconsin found that auto collisions with deer are reduced by 24% when wolves are able to colonize. GRACKED COM Wolves don't al- ways kill deer, but the deer have a fear response to roam- ing wolves.


Red Foxes Jumping Northeasterly Catch More Mice.

Czech scientists studied red foxes to see which direction they jump in to catch mice. GRACKED.COM Red foxes jumping in a Northeastern direction caught mice almost 73% of the time as ор- posed to jumping in other directions.


Dwarf Goats Can Find Hidden Food.

In 2015, scientists studied dwarf goats to see if they could track down uncooked pasta when hidden. CRACKED COM Multiple times, in several different locations, the dwarf goats suc- ceeded in sniffing it out.


Reindeer and Caribou are the Same Animal.

Reindeer and caribou are both in the deer family. CRACKED COM In North America, they're called caribou when in the wild and reindeer if domesticat- ed. They are called reindeer only in Eu- rope.


A Black-Footed Ferret Was the First Cloned Endangered Species.

In 2021, a black-footed ferret named Elizabeth Anne became the first endangered species in the U.S. to be cloned. CRACKED.COM An identical animal's DNA that had been frozen since 1988 was used. The 33-year-old frozen ferret's name was Willa.


Mice in the Woods Enjoy Running on Hamster Wheels.

Neurophysiologists discovered wild rodents enjoy running on hamster wheels placed in the woods. GRACKED.COM Some activists pre- viously believed the running was neurotic behavior due to con- finement.


Tigers Are Vengeful Creatures.

In 1997, a poacher named Vladimir Markov shot and injured a tiger. GRACKED COM After 12-48 hours, the tiger tracked down Markov's cabin, demol- ished everything, and waited patiently by the front door to kill him.


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