15 Coo-Coo-Bananas Facts That Really Ejected Our Warp Core

A redditor discovered that half the world’s population lives in a 5000 mile circle in East Asia.
15 Coo-Coo-Bananas Facts That Really Ejected Our Warp Core

The two gods fought in an arena that was a mountain. The arena was built into the side of a great cliff, and its sides were so steep it looked like the entire mountain might collapse at any moment, which would certainly be entertaining. It was a small arena with very high walls, and the gods could not jump from the ground to reach each other. Their battle began as soon as they touched the ground at opposite sides of the arena. Each god had only one weapon – his own body.

Their first move was to leap over their own heads. Zeus soared through the air and landed on his feet on the far side of the arena. He stood tall and proud, but Hermes did not seem to notice him; he had fallen on his face on the far side of the arena and lay there laughing.

"Why the laughter?" Zeus' voice boomed.

"I just remembered something funny I heard last week. It was a list of fifteen facts, and it went ... 

Dr. Martin Luther King got a C in public speaking.

While attending Crozer Theological Seminary, Dr. Martin Luther King received a с in public speaking. CRACKED.COM King is widely known as one of history's greatest orators, but that particular skill might not have come so naturally to him.

Open Culture

Native English speakers unconsciously follow a specific order when arranging adjectives.

Unconsciously, native English speakers say adjectives preceding nouns in a specific order. I I une sotropous elasticity protons or I I such in edi BM FSF 180 of tropy Israel. -n. pl-lin or adi isotop hav 3 1 ٢٠٠ harm ozi OF prejudic register descent n from Jacob; a Hebrew the Bible a member of form equal OC 2020 20 magazine subject & requiring or newspaper. a decision a Z a topic of interest OF disney combining - a connecting on punding 22 Law or giving the descendants out something of - line 2 dew J Physics any of


A redditor discovered that half the world’s population lives in a 5000 mile circle in East Asia.

Over half the world's population lives within a 5000-mile-wide circle in East Asia. UZBEKISTAN Sea of Japa MONGOLIA KAMEMISTAN Shenyang Almany MANCH SOKTH Ashgabat KOREA GARAGUM Nishkek Tashkent P yongyang HYROYZSTAN Drumqi you BRAN GOB DESERT Beijing Dalling Seoul Baotow *Dushanbe Demarcación SOUTH *Kashi CAN KOREA TAKEA-MAKAN Dianjin TAJRICITAN Yellow Public DESERT Jinan Sea Dingdao Fakuol Kabul Talyaan APOHADISTAN RWEU Median N adidas MOUNTAING Lanzbou التعليم Zhengzhou XL Kandahlr alamabad CHINA HIMALANA S East DINGLANG GAOYUAN Lahore* China Wuhan MI Everest . Hangebou Sea PAKISTAN Michell pops in the Chengdu ISLANDS asics ml Okinawa New Delhi Changsha Alhasa Nancheng NEPAL Changing


Dog’s feet smell like corn chips because of bacteria.

The term Frito Feet was coined to describe the scent of a dog's feet. GRAGKED.COM The phenomenon is from a bacteria called Pseudomonas and Proteus, which give off a yeasty odor that can smell like corn chips.

Oakhurst Vet

Men run obstacle courses with their wives on their backs in Finland.

At the Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland, first prize is the wife's weight in beer. O GRAGKED.COM The championship draws thousands of visitors to the town of only about 4,000 inhabitants, where men complete an obstacle course with their wives slung over their shoulders.


Johnny Cash’s brother has his own music career.

In 1965, Johnny Cash's younger brother, Tommy, released a song titled I Didn't Walk the Line. CRACKED.COM In late 1969 he delivered his biggest hit, a tune ded- icated to John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr., en- titled Six White Horses. Не still performs concerts around the world.

Tommy Cash

Old Yeller was adopted from an animal shelter before making it big.

Spike, the star of Old Yeller, was adopted from a California animal shelter-for just $3. CRACKED.COM The Labrador retriever/- mastiff mix that wound up as the star in Old Yeller was a stray before a friend of fa- mous Hollywood animal trainer Frank Weatherwax spotted the very good boy.


A New Yorker artist hid his daughter’s name in his drawings for decades.

For decades, artist Al Hirschfeld hid the name of his daughter Nina in his drawings for The New York Times and elsewhere. CRACKED.COM He'd add the number of times her name ар- peared to his signa- ture, creating a game for readers, who would try and find each ар- pearance.

New Yorker

A mummified “soap lady” from the 1790’s is on display in a museum.

A mummified soap lady is displayed in the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. CRACKED.COM It is reported that the Soap Lady died during the yellow fever epidemic in the 1790s. A wax-like substance, formed by fat tissue, made a permanent cast encasing the body's remains.

Mutter Museum

Tossing toddlers from 30 feet up was outlawed in India.

India had to ban the practice of chucking babies down 30 feet onto a sheet. CRACKED.COM A child would be dropped by a priest to a circle of men holding a sheet. The child then gets passed from one man to another as a crowd jeers and the child is returned to their family.

NY Times

Wheat and barley were an ancient pregnancy test.

The ancient Egyptian pregnancy test involved peeing on wheat and barley. GRACKED.COM If both the bags germinat- ed then it would show the woman is fertile and likely pregnant. Also, if wheat grew faster, then it would be a boy, and if barley grew quicker, then it would be a girl.


A bouncy castle flew off the ground during strong winds, leading to 2 deaths.

2 people died when the wind lifted a bouncy castle off the ground during a festival in London. KIDDIE P . KASTLE CRACKED.COM A bouncy castle/inflatable maze, Dreamspace V, was launched 50 feet in the air. It moved about 150 feet before coming back to the ground, resulting in 13 inju- ries and 2 deaths.

The Guardian

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