Double articles for double the pleasure… and because MCU’s Phase Four is all about legacy and doubles, and doesn’t seem to quite understand what the difference is between someone who shares your face and someone who shares your title. Moon Knights and Hawkeyes and Variants… they’re… the same? Or different. It’s one of the two. They’ll get there someday. Maybe. Probably. Listen, they still gotta make the Fantastic Four and X-Men fit in, and somehow bring Tony Stark back to form the real Illuminati so nerds don’t cry and poop themselves and piss while whining endlessly about how we were all robbed because of goddamn Disney or Sony or whatever, while drinking urine-stained bleached bottles of dry rub alcohol mixed with the cheapest grenadine and rum that could be shoplifted from the nearby liquor store and now they have your face up there, and apparently Doctor Strange doesn’t even have Shuma-Gorath in it? What’s the point?


Doubles in MCU's Phase Four SPIDER-MEN The Spider-Verse is open to a legion of duplicates in No Way Home. CRACKED.COM

What If

Doubles in MCU's Phase Four WHAT IF What if every MCU character had a double? But that double is, like, a cowboy or something. CRACKED.COM

Kang the Conqueror

Doubles in MCU's Phase Four KANG THE CONQUEROR Kang (and all his ultra-universal variants) are here. CRACKED.COM


Doubles in MCU's Phase Four LOKI Too many Lokis is how the entire MCU began. CRACKED.COM

Ms. Marvel

Doubles in MCU's Phase Four MS. MARVEL A fan girl dresses as her favorite superhero once she finds out she has powers of her own. CRACKED COM


Doubles in MCU's Phase Four HAWKEYE Old Hawkeye, meet new Hawkeye. CRACKED.COM

Moon Knight

Doubles in MCU's Phase Four MOON KNIGHT Just doubles aren't enough here. CRACKED.COM


Doubles in MCU's Phase Four WANDAVISION The Visions collided in this show featuring twins with the powers of their mom and uncle, respectively. CRACKED.COM

The Young Avengers

Doubles in MCU's Phase Four THE YOUNG AVENGERS The Young Avengers are assembling. GRACKED.COM

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doubles in MCU's Phase Four DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS A kaleidoscope of characters of all different faces but the same name collide in this horror-superhero film. CRACKED.COM


Doubles in MCU's Phase Four SHE-HULK She-Hulk is taking over Hulk duties from Bruce Banner and lawyer duties from Matt Murdock. CRACKED.COM

The Marvels

Doubles in MCU's Phase Four THE MARVELS Star, surrogate daughter, and fangirl Marvels unite in this new film. CRACKED.COM


Doubles in MCU's Phase Four ECHO The hero's power is analyzing and copying others' powers. CRACKED.COM


Doubles in MCU's Phase Four LOKI Loki falls into a parallel universe, with its own duplicate TVA, complete with its own Mobius. P I THE I F J CRACKED.COM

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