All of the MCU phases have shared common themes — every phase had rules that applied to it that tie everything in it together, and it’s not always subtle. We’re going to look at all of those rules and how they came out in the films, even for films that aren’t out yet.

With this you could maybe even predict ways the new films will be made, which means we can accurately predict the new Fantastic Four movie will be about the baby Fantastic kids, because everything is all about legacy this time around. Well, it’s either legacy or doubles, and we’re not sure even Kevin Feige knows which. The first phase coming after the Endgame deals with what comes after the Avengers and Tony Stark are gone. What impact did that have on the world and everyone in it. From Loki’s struggle with predestination and fate to Spider-Man meeting his on-screen predecessors, the theme of this season in the MCU is Legacy.


MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Jane Foster taught Thor what it means to be a human. Now he can teach her what it means to be a god (and an Avenger) as she takes on the mantle of Thor.

Moon Knight: Past, Present, and Future

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM Previous Moon Knight MOON KNIGHT Current Moon Knight It's a matryoshka doll of legacy characters. Prospective Moon Knight

Hawkeye and History

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM HAWKEYE Yelena and Kate's friendship blooms in this series about their previous heroes (which features a historical musical based on one of them).

Generations of Ant-Man and the Wasp

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA Ant-Man and The Wasp are joined by Ant- Man and the Wasp as a legacy Ant trains his daughter to become a superhero. ISC 19B 8 ALIO Edition

Spider-Man, Alone in New York City

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM PUBLIC ENEMY # 10004 SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Peter learns from his predecessors what it means to be Spider-Man, and ends his origin story poor and friendless (and Starkless) in New York City.

Guardians of the Guardians

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM ROLOGHY adidas DEC GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 3 The new Guardians film and special are rumored to be bringing in more Ravagers as the successors to the Guardians, named the Annihilators. #REALD 3D DOLBY CINEMA AND XXX

Loki's Identity

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM LOKI Loki is about who you are and who you could be, and the effect you can have on all of existence. (Also how if you meet your clone, you will definitely fight and bone.)

Wanda's Twins

MCU Phase Four and Legacy GRACKED COM WANDAVISION Billy and Tommy have Quicksilver's Speed and Wanda's Magic. (Billy also takes Black Widow's place as an Avenger with a crush on a Hulk.)

Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM SHANG-CHI Shang-Chi and his sister to take on the mantle of the Bearer of the Ten Rings and the Leader of the Ten Rings respectively in this film all about family.

Captain America's Heirs

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM 2021 BA THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Sam and Bucky contend with a Captain America-less world, and must find out who they are without him. Turns out? They're Captain America! Three of them.

Loki's Future

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM DANGER LOKI Loki must contend with his future's legacy on the world, and learn to become who he truly wants to be as the second Loki in the MCU (and counting).


MCU Phase Four and Legacy GRACKED.COM ETERNALS The Eternals deal with the loss of a matriarch and rebel against their parents in this film (that covers same ground as Runaways, but with an actual budget).

Blade's Return

CRACKED.COM MCU Phase Four and Legacy BLADE Rumor has it Marvel wants original Blade Wesley Snipes back for an undisclosed role

America Chavez & Ned Leeds

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM STRANGE ACADEMY? Doctor Strange's magical academy may be coming to the MCU, given the amount of students Strange has been taking in.

Tony Stark's Legacy

MCU Phase Four and Legacy CRACKED.COM IRON MAN'S LEGACY Face of the MCU Tony Stark's place in the MCU has been inherited by other characters. Douchebag inventor

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