15 Heartwarming News Stories That Lifted Us Up

15 Heartwarming News Stories That Lifted Us Up

It was just an old piece of junk that he'd found on a street corner. It looked like some kind of antique, and it had been sitting there since the beginning of time. The thing's owner must have gotten tired of it because it hadn't moved in years, but now that it was being sold on eBay, it was sure to bring big bucks.

The guy had put up some pictures of it, and it looked so creepy I almost threw up. It wasn't just ugly; there was something very sinister about this antique. It almost had an aura that repelled you from even looking at it. There were all kinds of stories surrounding the artifact and its previous owners.

And something caught my eye about it. Strangely, there was a large plaque on the bottom full of dense text. I enlarged one of the pictures to read it, and it turned out to be a list of facts that went:

Anti-poaching efforts are causing rhinos to bounce back.

Rhino populations in Kaziranga rose by 200 in four years thanks to anti-poaching efforts. Thanks to the conservation and anti-poaching efforts by officials and wildlife activists, the population of the one-horned rhinoceros at the national park in Assam are on the rise, and only one animal was lost to poaching in 2021. CRACKED.COM


Employers may finally be figuring out you’re supposed to pay people enough to live.

US jobs are on the rise as businesses boost their wages to meet demand. product f The US has now regained nearly all the jobs lost since the pandemic hit thanks to labor market demand forcing employers to pay workers something that might come close to a living wage. CRACKED.COM


Influencers who edit their photos will no longer be working with Ogilvy.

One of the largest global ad agencies will no longer work with influencers who edit their bodies or faces for ads: Ogilvy, the NYC-based British advertising agency, said it will no longer work with influencers who distort or retouch their bodies or faces for brand campaigns in a bid to combat social media's systemic mental health harms. CRACKED.COM

The Drum 

The Earth is getting more green, not less.

The Earth is greener now than it was 20 years ago. The increase in leaf area over the past two decades corresponds to an area as large as the Amazon rainforest. There is now over two million square kilometers more green leaf area compared to the beginning of the 2000s. CRACKED.COM

Warp News

The four day work week is being tried in the UK.

60 UK companies and organizations have signed up for the biggest ever four-day work week trial. Travel Inspiration - M Researchers will measure the impact of the reduced hours on productivity, and the well-being of its 3,000 workers, as well as the impact on the environment and gender equality. CRACKED.COM


Native tribes are being given back land in Virginia.

More than 460 acres of sacred land will be acquisitioned back to a Native tribe in Virginia. Tribal land in Virginia was returned to the Rappahannock Tribe and will remain publicly accessible. The tribe plans to create trails and a replica 16th-century village to educate visitors about their history and conservation efforts. CRACKED.COM


A zero-emission “Infinity Train” has been announced.

Australian and UK businesses announced plans to build the world's first zero-emission Infinity Train. Australian mining company Fortescue Metals Group and UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering plan on the creation of a zero-emission Infinity Train capable of transporting loads of iron ore without ever needing to be charged. CRACKED.COM

Travel In Your Own Way 

Scientists figured out how we could all age like Paul Rudd.

Researchers developed a method to 'time jump' human skin cells, rewinding them by 30 years. This turns back the aging clock for cells without losing their specialized function. Findings could lead to targeted approaches for treating aging. CRACKED.COM


The Supreme Court has its first Black female justice.

Ketanji Brown Jackson becomes the first Black female justice confirmed to the Supreme Court. Approval of Jackson's nomination by the evenly divided Senate capped a confirmation process that was marked by Republican attempts to paint her as a soft-on-crime activist judge who would legislate from the bench. CRACKED.COM


The stolen works of Charles Darwin were mysteriously returned.

Darwin's notebooks were anonymously returned after being stolen from Cambridge University library 22 years ago. The small leather-bound books, worth millions, were dropped off in a pink bag and in good condition. On the envelope the books were returned in was printed a short message: Librarian, Happy Easter X. CRACKED.COM


Ultrasound was used in treating diabetes.

Diabetes was successfully treated using ultrasound in a preclinical study. FOCUS: 1234 в DISTANCE +:01. 6cm CRU 0600 GS : 02. 7on toBord :07wan DORE 12d 22. 99 06. 09.99 РОБ. 03. 99 F 5 0 Across three different animal models researchers have demonstrated how short bursts of ultrasound targeted at specific clusters of nerves in the liver can effectively lower insulin and glucose levels. CRACKED.COM

News Atlas

Braiding hair is now decriminalized in Idaho.

Idaho will no longer criminalize braiding hair without a license. Prior to the new law, unlicensed hair braiding was a misdemeanor which could incur fines of up to $1,000 per offense. The original criminalization was relating to Western-style cosmetology, which can contain dangerous chemicals unlike African hair braiding. CRACKED.COM


Puppy cuddle time is offered at a local shelter.

A Richmond animal shelter is hosting snuggle sessions with Pyrenees puppies. Director Christie Chipps-Peters says, After 2 years of Covid, social upheaval and now a war, we think we could all use a little puppy cuddle time. They were right, as over 400 people signed up. CRACKED.COM


Stray dogs get groomed and presented by a priest for adoption during mass.

A Brazilian priest cleans up abandoned dogs and presents them at each mass to be adopted. João Paulo Araujo Gomes, from the Diocese of Caruaru, has found homes to dozens of stray dogs already this way. CRACKED.COM


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