15 Of The Strangest Stories Making Headlines Today

Gorillas today only know how to charge they phone, eat banana, and lie.
15 Of The Strangest Stories Making Headlines Today

The sun was setting as she left the city. The wind blew in her face like it always did, and the scent of salt filled her senses. It was the first time in a very long time she felt truly alone with herself. There were so many times in the past when she could have gone back to the city, but something always prevented her.

She had been living on a farm outside the city ever since her father died, trying to escape her own memories, her regrets, her pain, but nothing seemed to work anymore. She had tried to be strong and keep going without them, but now that she'd made this journey she realized that it would not get any better if she didn't confront her fears head-on.

The wind blew through her hair as she walked down the road leading out of the city gates; and, to calm herself, she repeated a mantra in her head. It was a list of fifteen facts that went:

Lara Trump blames kids being too safe for a fatal deck collapse.

WEIRD WORLD Lara Trump blamed 'too safe' playgrounds after a Santa Barbara deck collapsed. Crowds of spring breakers overwhelmed Santa Barbara balconies to dangerous levels, leading to multiple casualties. Lara Trump suggests coddling kids today has not taught them harsh lessons of risk aversion on the playground. CRACKED.COM


Trump’s “free-speech” app is being criticized for censoring hate speech.

WEIRD WORLD Roger Stone says he was 'censored' on Trump's Truth Social app. After posting a rant on radical Islam, the app's algorithm flagged Trump's former adviser's content as not suited for all audiences. Truth Social is touted as a free-speech app for conservatives who feel censored on more prominent social media platforms. RACKED.COM


One last show for a local rapper doubled as his funeral.

WEIRD WORLD A rapper's corpse was propped up and on display at a nightclub for the performer's last show. Rap artist Markelle Morrow, known as Goonew, was reportedly shot to death in March. His funeral was held at a nightclub where patrons could view his body propped up, wearing a crown and standing next to fireworks. CRACKED.COM

Fox 59 

Fox is responsible for violence at the Capitol yet again.

WEIRD WORLD An aggressive fox was reported near the US Capitol, and it bit a congressman. A fox bit a member of Congress and a woman near the U.S. Capitol, prompting D.C. authorities to capture one of the animals and warn the public about aggressive fox encounters. CRACKED.COM


Hundreds of drones in the sky led to a massive Rick Roll.

WEIRD WORLD A man arranged hundreds of drones in the sky to create a QR code that 'Rick Rolled' an entire city. 14-47 o PLENS For Individuals Une Alpay Sear by pay me Specific - - Store Trensaction History крациве As an April Fool's prank, Jared Guyness said he used next-generation technology with 300 drones to create a giant glowing QR code in the skies above Dallas, which took you to the YouTube video for Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley. CRACKED.COM


A WWII grenade wound up in a chip factory with the potatoes.

WEIRD WORLD A grenade was found among the potatoes on a chip factory conveyor belt. The WWII era grenade, which has since been confirmed as being a training grenade which didn't contain explosives, is believed to have been dug up during harvesting on a farm in Matamata. CRACKED.COM


Gorillas today only know how to charge they phone, eat banana, and lie.

WEIRD WORLD Teen gorillas exposure to mobile phones may be resulting in antisocial behavior. Visitors to the Chicago zoo showing the 415lb gorilla named Amare pictures and videos through the glass wall has made him dismissive to other male gorillas. Zoo staff have had to install a rope line to keep visitors several feet away from the glass. CRACKED.COM

The Guardian 

The National Guard was brought in to New Mexico schools due to staff shortages.

WEIRD WORLD Some states are fighting teacher shortages by calling in the National Guard. There are 50 National Guard troops working as substitutes across 27 school districts in New Mexico, combating staff shortages left by teacher burnout. This is a great way to slap a bandaid on a problem without fixing it. CRACKED.COM


“Cracker Jills” break the caramel ceiling.

WEIRD WORLD Frito Lay introduced 'Cracker Jills' to honor women in sports. Cracker Jack is committing $200,000 to the Women's Sports Foundation and is also asking fans to donate. Those who donate at least $5 will get a bag of Cracker Jills. CRACKED.COM

Fox 8 

Amazon is banning words to stop employees from talking about their crappy work conditions.

WEIRD WORLD Amazon plans to ban words such as 'union,' 'restrooms' and 'slave labor' from an internal chat app. amazon 2 3 Amazon is reportedly considering a program that would flag internal messages among employees that include words on a blacklist for profanities and inappropriate terms, but also targeting terms related to organized labor. CRACKED.COM

Fox 8

Age requirements for marriage are on the chopping block.

WEIRD WORLD A GOP backed bill wants to eliminate age requirements for marriage. The proposed bill, HB 233, aims to establish common-law marriages between one man and one woman, but it's missing one thing: an explicit age requirement, opening up the door to abuse. CRACKED.COM


Donkeys help keep cattle safe from wolves.

WEIRD WORLD Northern Colorado ranchers are using donkeys to protect their cattle from wolves. Gray wolves from Wyoming are wandering down and wreaking havoc on livestock, with little recourse left to the ranchers since the wolves are a protected endangered species. The donkeys work to deter predators without resorting to lethal measures. CRACKED.COM

9 News 

BK patrons are suing the King for his dinky Whoppers.

WEIRD WORLD Customers are suing Burger King, claiming the Whopper is smaller than advertised. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which was filed in the Southern District of Florida, are seeking monetary damages for anyone who was deceived by Burger King's advertising. CRACKED.COM


An airline passenger took the “cockpit” a little too literally.

WEIRD WORLD A passenger was arrested on a Southwest flight for masturbating at least four times. Antonio Sherrodd McGarity is accused of entering the solo mile-high club four times in the seat next to a female passenger. CRACKED.COM

Fox 5

Zuckerberg thinks being called “The Eye of Sauron” is a good thing.

WEIRD WORLD Mark Zuckerberg says that Meta employees lovingly refer to him as The Eye of Sauron. The Bar-B-Que brat himself seems to think being compared to a lidless eye of flame that serves as the last vestige of the abhorred Dark Lord's terrestrial will is a compliment. CRACKED.COM


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