15 Now-You-Know Facts That May Have Slipped Right Past Ya

A beer giant wanted their products on “It’s Always Sunny,” until they saw it.
15 Now-You-Know Facts That May Have Slipped Right Past Ya

The first thing that happened to the witch was a terrible headache. Her head hurt so terribly it felt like she had been stabbed in her skull with an icicle.

She sat up and looked out of the window of her house and saw that a storm had blown in and it seemed as if the whole town was being whipped around in this windstorm. She thought about going out to see what was causing this strange wind, but decided she wasn't feeling quite up for it yet. Instead, she went back to bed and tried not to think about how terrible the headache was. But then she started having visions and hearing voices telling her that the only way that she would ever feel better again was by destroying something, which would take the headache away forever.

Then another voice spoke up. It was a calmer, gentler, more civilized voice. Inexplicably, it began reciting a list of facts that went:

It would take a while, but you could heat up a cup of coffee by yelling.

It would take 8 years, 7 months and 6 days of yelling to produce enough energy to heat one cup of coffee. London-based architecture/design firm The Facility believe that the mechanical vibrations we create every day, from the rattling of city infrastructure to footsteps echoing throughout a stadium, could be harnessed. CRACKED.COM


Being polite in one French coffee shop will get you a discount.

There's a Coffee Shop in France that charges extra if you don't say hello and please. RENU Alfogato 10/200 ADITION FRENCH PRESSIT K 22/24X Coppuer TUBRUK 17K 5/268 jtk coje b V60 VIA top JAPANESE BREW 20K a 24/26 2/2416 Eat LICE Drink RELAX NE HAPPY COFFEE FFEE SETA The manager of Petite Syrah, Fabrice Pepino, started it as a joke after encountering too many customers who dropped their manners when they were in a hurry. CRACKED.COM


A blue whale’s heart beat can be heard from 35.2 football fields away.

You can hear a blue whale's heart beat from 2 miles away. The 400 pound heart weighs as much as an adult male lion and it slows down to 4-8 beats per minute when they dive to conserve oxygen. CRACKED.COM

The Whaling Museum 

You get a free bottle every month working at Jack Daniels, or every day if you’re a thief.

Jack Daniels employees get a free bottle on the first payday of each month. JACK DANIEL'S 014 No.7 Tennessee .... - WHISKEY 5cl 40% Vol. - - - - - - - - - - Distillery employees are awarded a bottle of JACK DANIEL'S Old No.7. in appreciation of their work on the first Friday of each month, known as Good Friday. CRACKED.COM

Jack Daniels  

A beer giant wanted their products on “It’s Always Sunny,” until they saw it.

Anheuser-Busch product placement had to be blurred out in the first season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. G RAB OME в JDS اله سنه - Anheuser-Busch signed on for product placement for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's first season, but after watching the very first episode (The Gang Gets Racist), they pulled their sponsorship. CRACKED.COM

Bleeding Cool 

One parasite doesn’t need oxygen for its whole life.

A jellyfish-like parasite lives inside salmon flesh and can survive without oxygen for its whole life. The Henneguya salminocola parasite, which is 10 cells and is smaller than many of the cells in our bodies, can breathe oxygen, but it doesn't need to. It is the only animal which can do this. CRACKED.COM


Almost a dozen of fatal fighter jet crashes were due to trouble peeing.

Trouble peeing mid-flight has resulted in 10 fighter jet fatalities. J-135 At least nine fatal crashes involving F-16 fighter jets and an A-10 attack jet were blamed on pilots having issues responding to radio calls while unstrapped and unzipped. CRACKED.COM

Task and Purpose 

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