It happens to all of us — someone wants you to go to church, but why would you? Nothing interesting ever happens there. Wrong! More than half of the best scenes in movies that feature churches happen at those churches, because like Christ, audiences beg to be enraptured away from their problems, and coaching the mundane in the fantastic makes it easier to deal with. So to help you dissociate during your next church visit, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most kick-ass scenes that take place in churches, so you can fantasize about those instead of listening to Cousin Jim’s sermon on why it’s a blessing to tithe. Instead of paying attention to “Closer my Lord to Thee,” you can remember kick flips and dope tricks. Enjoy your Sundays more with the power of sneakily watching movies inside your hymnal – and why not start with these?

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CRACKED.COM CHURCH ACTION HELLBOY Sometimes a giant demon and a magic queen fight at church. Does it count if no one sees it happen?
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