15 TV And Movie Facts Wedding Bells Are Ringing For

Reading these is a big step.
15 TV And Movie Facts Wedding Bells Are Ringing For

Each week a new theme, each week the theme is, ya know, kinda, it's there. It's something. All of the facts collected here kind of fit together, but you can also just open this article and randomly use them as date openers. Did you know that the Cake Boss was arrested? You wouldn't believe what happened next. You could also just print them all out and use them as a tarot deck collection, maybe the Boy Meets World one means you need to listen to the world and what it’s saying and not do what you want to do, but trust in the universe, and even if you find disaster along the way, things can still be good, and hope still exists.

Each of these facts will enrich your life exactly as much as you care about what’s within, but the only way to find out is to read them and potentially lose valuable seconds in which you could be contemplating why the Green Ranger was the most traditionally main character-y, when green is so commonly a color assigned to villains. Or if the G.I. Joe movies will ever be good. Guess the theme and win a cookie. Probably.

Han and Leia’s Shag Pavilion

You can sleep where Han and Leia had sex. Disney's Galactic Starcruiser (an interactive, $6k-a- night hotel) is canonically where Han and Leia spent their honeymoon. Ben Solo was noiselessly created in the engine room of this galactic cruiser. CRACKED.COM

Source: Gizmodo

Roc's Gay Wedding

TV'S first gay wedding was on a 1991 ROC episode. Starring Charles S. Dutton, the show had his uncle getting married, with Roc realizing he was uncomfortable... but that didn't mean it was bad. (The Golden Girls aired a gay commitment ceremony earlier that year.) CRACKED.COM

Source: Vox

Kim Kardashian

CRACKED.COM Kim K. got married just because it was paid for. The only reason Kim Kardashian went through with her $10 mil wedding to Kris Humphries was because Keeping Up With the Kardashians spent its whole budget on it. The marriage lasted 72 days.

Source: The Sun

Princess of Alderaan’s Diaries

about FEN CITYNA ANK USE ay up. Make the women smarter, and the love scenes better. That was Carrie Fisher's advice on how to make films better, including The Wedding Singer for which she did an uncredited rewrite as a script doctor. CRACKED.COM

Source: /Film

Boy Meets World

People voted on whether cory and Topanga should marry. The poll turned out better for them than for Robin. CRACKED.COM

Source: Parade

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