14 Dark Heroes (Who Are All Basically Zorro Rip-Offs, Really)

14 Dark Heroes (Who Are All Basically Zorro Rip-Offs, Really)

The Cowl – there are dozens of characters who wear the mask and dark cloak that epitomize scowling. Investigative, dark characters who are out there trying to make up for childhood trauma, and investigating the dark to protect the innocent. 

These characters could all be carbon copies of the one original character whose shadow is split apart and casting multiple fractured shadows on the wall, while remaining a dependable, vengeance-filled whole by the flames of humanity’s collective spiritus mundi, screaming tales about a wild man who runs around in the dark with his underwear on the outside and a cape, beating the absolute, ever-living crap out of anyone idiotic, evil, or screwed-up enough to try and mess with people in their town, like some dark, evil gargoyle god, defending a town, but horribly.

Yes, if there's enough darkness then everything looks them same (that is pretty much darkness' thing), but these? These make darkness' job especially easy.


CRACKED.COM Detective comics #27 (1939) Heirs of zorro Batman The Caped Crusader and World's Greatest Detective. But does he know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? If he doesn't, a bus will explode. Trauma: His mom dropped some pearls once.

Moon Knight

CRACKED.COM werewolf by Night #32 (1975) Heirs of zorro Moon Knight A many-minded man of adventure/violence/ supernatural intrigue. Servant to the Egyptian God Khonshu, he's the defender of those who travel by night, and if you squint he looks like Michael Keaton. Trauma: Не was a mercenary and had DID.

Nite Owl II

CRACKED.COM ADISON THE SQUAR EN GARDE DE 10 PALE watchmen (1986) Heirs of zorro Nite owl II The second Nite Owl, he becomes more tech-focused than his predecessor and teams up with the ultra- violent Rorschach. Like everything about him, his persona is unoriginal and lacks the flavor. Trauma: Не wasn't bullied enough in high school.

Darkwing Duck

CRACKED.COM Darkwing Duck (1991) Heirs of Zorro Darkwing Duck He's the daring duck of mystery, master of surprise, appearing in a cloud of smoke with a large overcoat, an oversized hat, and a fat-ass tail. Trauma: He's a duck, and that's pretty weird

David Dunn

CRACKED.COM Unbreakable (2000) Heirs of zorro David Dunn A normal man who wears a trenchcoat and stalks serial killers. What Matt Reeves would've made Batman if WB weren't cowards. Trauma: Has the emotional range of Bruce Willis.


CRACKED.COM SAMPLE web of spider-Man #18 (1986) Heirs of zorro venom Venom doesn't look much like other dark avengers, but he is all black, so in the dark he'd appear a lot like them. He's also gained wings recently, and become a roaming avenger of alleyways (and stairways). Trauma: Lost his job, killed his mom, had a crap dad, became Venom, stopped being Venom.


CRACKED.COM spawn (1992) Heirs of zorro spawn A demonic figure of vengeance, Spawn becomes a superhero and swings around like Spider-Man cosplaying as a Todd McFarlane Batman. Trauma: Не was a soldier who blew up and went to Hell and got cucked


CRACKED.COM watchmen (1986) Heirs of zorro Rorschach Detective. Savior of world. Former Minute Man. Jacket mistaken for cape in dark spaces. Mask unlike bat. Trauma: Mother was whoor. Father gone. Beans always cold. Mask smells. Republicans lost the election.

Red X

CRACKED.COM Teen Titans Heirs of zorro Red X The former dark persona of Robin was taken up by an unknown fighter, who mostly uses the darkness and shadows as cover to pull his own cons and jobs. Trauma: Not enough attention.


CRACKED.COM stormwatch #4 (1998) Heirs of zorro Midnighter His romance with Apollo may make waves, but what really sets him apart from other dark winged warriors is how stupid his goddamn helmet is (and the blonde hair hiding underneath it). Trauma: A controlled and created weapon.

Cassandra Cain

CRACKED.COM HI. Batman #567 (1991) Heirs of zorro cassandra cain The Bat-Girl with a gimp suit is one of the darker members of the Bat family, and the one who resembles Batman most in words and appearance. Trauma: She was raised to use violence as a language, to the point that she's mute.

Batman Beyond

CRACKED.COM Batman Beyond (1991) Heirs of Zorro Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis, the successor to Batman, has a suit that's rather slimming compared to The Batman's more bulky model, but still looks close enough that if you squinted, you might think you were looking at The Gray Ghost. Trauma: He's Batman's kid. (And some other stuff.)


CRACKED.COM Buffy The vampire Slayer (1997) Heirs of zorro Angel Within the brooding vampire's forehead lurks a mind that knows more than most, and with his wavey jacket he cuts a striking silhouette that looks just a lot like a gaslight Batman. Trauma: Turned into vampire, went on killing spree, became Catholic, is doing a 12-step program.


CRACKED.COM Argosy (1919) -The curse of capistrano Heirs of zorro zorro The Fox! The original masked man hunting down villains with a vengence. Trauma: His home was taken over by a dictator
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