15 Facts About Star Wars, Dracula, And An Ocean Ray Murder-Suicide

That’s DOCTOR Loki Skylizard, actually.
15 Facts About Star Wars, Dracula, And An Ocean Ray Murder-Suicide

I had just found out that I'd come into a sizable inheritance, when a friend of mine came up and said he was going out for a drive. He asked me if I would join him. As I was not busy at the time we set off together — but soon after leaving my house my friend suddenly stopped the buggy and got down on his knees and began kissing me all over my body. After he was done with me, he went back and picked up the reins and kept driving as if nothing had happened.

I did not think it polite to ask him what had occurred. I was very upset about the whole thing and thought I should never feel quite easy in my mind again — that is, until I came across something amazing in this little book of poems called "The Black Cat" that completely took my mind off the matter. It was a list of fifteen facts, and it went like this:

8-year-old names himself and then gets a PhD.

Dr. Loki Skylizard chose his own name when he was 8 years old. CRACKED.COM Dr. Loki Skylizard is a General Surgery Specialist in Springfield, МО, and chose his name as part of a crazy family tradition. His brothers and sisters also have unconventional names, but he refuses to tell us and honestly it's driving us nuts.

News Leader 

So many people brew tea at the same time in the UK that a mountainside power station had to be built.

A power station in the UK is just for dealing with power spikes caused by people making tea. CRACKED.COM The UK Dinorwig Power Station's primary function is to deal with the power demand spike caused by people switching on their kettles during TV ad breaks. The power station is built inside of a mountain.

National Grid 

The Rhone River was blessed so people could chuck dead people into it.

The Pope blessed an entire river in 1348 so that dead bodies could be dumped into it. CRACKED.COM During the first outbreak of the Black Death in France in 1348, cities ran out of consecrated ground to bury the dead in so quickly that Pope, Clement VI, had to bless the entire Rhone River to allow corpses to be legally dumped in it.


ZZ Top had a show with animals go very wrong.

zz Top accidentally released a bunch of rattlesnakes on stage. CRACKED.COM The Band decided to have a mixture of live animals during one of their live stage shows, including vultures, buffaloes, and rattlesnakes. The buffalo rammed into a tank full of rattlesnakes and released them live on stage.


An eagle ray killed a person, but not with its barbed tail.

A giant ray leaped out of the ocean and killed a boater, and itself. CRACKED.COM In 2008, a woman named Judy Kay Zagorski was killed when a 75 pound spotted eagle ray (like Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo) leapt out of the water into her boat and knocked her over. The ray also died.


Edison was such a dick he inadvertently created Hollywood.

Hollywood was founded by filmmakers trying to get away from Thomas Edison. CRACKED COM Modern Hollywood was started by a group of independent filmmakers who moved to California in the 1910s to get away from Thomas Edison's total monopoly on all aspects (scripts, cameras, theaters, actors) of the early, east coast film industry.


The Allies released racoons in Germany during WWII by accident.

Raccoons were brought to Germany for their pelts, and have since taken over. GRACKED.COM Raccoons are not native to Germany. They were brought there in the 1920s for their pelts. During World War 2, an Allied bomb hit a raccoon farm wall, allowing a dozen or so to escape. Today, German cities are being overrun by millions of raccoons.


Don’t drink and drive the Starship Enterprise.

17 cups of Earl Grey can cause intoxication and will blur your vision. CRACKED.COM Drinking 4 liters (17 cups) per day of Earl Grey Tea can lead to intoxication resulting in extensive muscle cramps and blurred vision. Cutting down to 1-2 liters makes the symptoms go away.

The Lancet

WWII pilots cooled off soda bottles on the outside of their planes.

Nazi pilots cooled bottles of Coca Cola at high altitude on their planes. CLASSIC Coca-Cola CRACKED.COM German World War 2 pilots in North Africa would fix bottles of Coca Cola to the underside of their wings so that the drink would cool at high altitude and be ready to drink after landing.

Drinking Cup

Tarkin blew up Alderaan in his slippers.

Grand Moff Tarkin was wearing slippers in most of his Star Wars scenes. CRACKED.COM Peter Cushing, the actor who played Grand Moff Tarkin, found his costume's boots to be very uncomfortable. Any time his feet were not visible in the shot he would be wearing comfy slippers.

Den of Geek 

Cayenne pepper was used instead of fake blood in “Indiana Jones.”

The crew on Indiana Jones got around limitations of on-screen blood by macing themselves. CRACKED.COM In Raiders of the Lost Ark, they limited the onscreen blood from gunshots during the truck chase by using fine red dust instead of liquid fake blood. The only red dust available for the squibs was Cayenne Pepper, which caused a lot of suffering for the stunt crew.


A snail-eating snake was given a name to send a message.

A snake discovered in 2012 was given a name that doubles as a message of conservation. STACKER CRACKED.COM The Sibon noalamina's habitat in Panama is threatened by ore mining. When it came time for researchers to name their new discovery, they saw it as an opportunity to raise awareness and call it the No To The Mine Snake.

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