15 Trivia Mic Drops To Drop At The Cookout

The tallest building in Vermont is perfect for window washers
15 Trivia Mic Drops To Drop At The Cookout

I am the man who killed the girl with a golden heart. The woman who loved him. I'm not proud of what I have done to her, and it haunts me each and every day. My name is David. I was a college student in the United States until a few years ago.

The whole thing started on a cursed September morning I can remember as clear as day. That morning, I went down to breakfast and saw my roommate and good friend Jonathan sitting next to the window, drinking his morning coffee and looking lost in his thoughts. I had just gotten up, so I sat opposite him and started eating a bowl full of oats.

"What's that?" asked Jonathan.


"The thing they printed on the back of the menu. Here, look, it's a bunch of facts of some kind."

I had a look and then started reading. The list went like this:

Flight Simulator started on MS-DOS.

Microsoft's Flight Simulator predates their Windows operating system. CRACKED COM Flight Simulator, released in 1982, is one of the longest-running, best-known, and most comprehensive home flight simulator programs on the market. Microsoft wouldn't release Windows 1.0 until 1985.


The Office of the Commissioner depicts an ethnic group in stereotypical fashion.

The NJ commissioner that called The Sopranos a disgrace was removed. GRACKED.COM The Sopranos was denied a permit to film by commissioner James Treffinger, who said the show depicts an ethnic group in stereotypical fashion. Treffinger was later arrested and charged with extortion, fraud, obstructing a federal investigation and conspiracy.

NY Times 

Don’t come to the Thames empty handed.

When British warships enter the Thames, they are required to present rum or wine. GRAGKED c COM In the 'Ceremony of the Constable's Dues,' every ship that came upstream to London had to unload a portion of its cargo for the Constable. Still today, whenever a Royal Naval vessel moors on the Wharf, the Captain must present the Constable with a barrel of wine.


Japan has an interesting name for the thing in the back of your throat.

The informal Japanese word for Uvula directly translates to Throat Penis. CRACKED.COM The Japanese word for Uvula, the dangly thing in the back of your throat that keeps your throat moist and stops food from entering your nasal passage, is Nodo Chinko (), which directly translates to Throat Penis.


The Wicked Witch of the West was played by a school teacher.

The Wicked Witch was a kindergarten teacher and used her fame for good. CRACKED.COM Actress Margaret Hamilton, best known as the Wicked Witch of the West, was a former kindergarten teacher who used her fame to benefit children, animals, and public education for the rest of her life. She was described as very kind and great with kids.

Chicago Tribune 

You can still watch the original “Star Wars” theatrical cut.

An unaltered 35mm print of Star Wars resides in the Library of Congress. CRACKED.COM The Library of Congress in the US has the unadulterated 35mm print of Star Wars submitted to them in 1977 for copyright, and anyone can watch the 4K restoration by prior appointment. This is the closest you can get to reliving the experience of seeing the film in theaters for the first time.


Washington has its own Sexual Predator Isalnd.

Sex offenders in Washington are confined to a special prison surrounded by water. CRACKED.COM Washington state sends it's most dangerous sex offenders to McNeil Island in the Puget Sound (Special Commitment Center), which is accessible only by a restricted state-run ferry. All 214 men have served their sentence but they remain confined indefinitely.

The Guardian

A very good boy saved his tiny human from an abuser.

A dog named Killian saved a baby boy from an abusive babysitter. CRACKED.COM Не alerted his owners by growling and standing between the baby and the sitter whenever she was there. Suspicious, the parents left an iPhone under the sofa recording audio. The sitter was later convicted on what they heard.

Dog Time

Soldiers were executed before Shell Shock was recognized.

Soldiers with Shell Shock during WWI were executed for cowardice. GRAGKED.COM During World War 1, the British executed soldiers inflicted with Shell Shock (Combat Stress Disorder) on the basis of cowardice because Shell Shock wasn't considered a psychiatric disorder.


“Spirit in the Sky” was as easy to write as the songwriter thought.

Norman Greenbaum wrote Spirit in the Skyin 15 minutes. Spirit In The CKU Ask for album Spirit CRACKED.COM Norman Greenbaum, who is actually Jewish, came across a country gospel star singing a gospel on TV, which he thought looked easy. Не wrote his one-hit wonder about Jesus in under 15 minutes, which sold 2 million copies in a year.

NY Times 

Russia issued death squads to deal with complaints about human rights violations.

Russia dealt with complaints in an appropriately Russian manner. GRACKED.COM In 2003, the Russian government sent a special forces death squad to kill a human rights activist named Zura Bitiyeva in retaliation for her filing a complaint in the European Court of Human Rights.

Prague Watchdog 

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